Strange Days

I managed to make the 13 and a half hour journey down to Bama in one day. That may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me it is nothing short of a miracle. I get so sleepy when I am driving long distances, especially when I am alone, but yesterday, I didn’t even get droopy eyed once. By the time I made it to Chattanooga, I had decided to keep going straight through and save myself the cost of the hotel (conveniently funding the cost of my Rob Thomas ticket. Bonus! But it did cost me the opportunity to watch Veronica Mars! Bummer!). The whole drive was strange. Normally, I really look forward to the time by myself. I love to be alone, and I love long drives. Oddly, yesterday I didn’t want to leave. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see my family and do all the things I have planned, but for the first time in a long time, I really just wanted to be home with my husband. It is a strange and wonderful thing to find yourself actually preferring to be home when it seemed like it stopped being your sanctuary months if not years ago. But marriage can be so complicated; everyone tells you it is so “hard”, but they don’t explain what they mean. If people just told you how “hard” or elaborated on the kind of deal you were facing at least you would have realistic expectations. As it stands, “hard” sneaks up on you just when you think things are going great. Sometimes things are “hard” and you don’t even know why. So when you find yourself 6 years into a marriage and 12 years into a relationship and all of the sudden something that had been really “hard” feels easy, you are hesitatant to leave for fear you won’t return to the same place. Alas, I had made my promises, and I intended to fulfill them, so here I am just hoping that easy place is waiting for me back home at least until the next dose of marital “hard” comes along.

As for the promised familial details, I have discovered one interesting tidbit. My niece (Weezie’s little sister) is due to have her baby on September 28th. She had a checkup the other day and when she called to update Carol, they were discussing the inevitability of her labor and what would happen if she actually went into labor on the 28th. Tricia really didn’t see the problem until Carol reminded her that is “Veronica Day”. In normal families that wouldn’t be a big deal, but as I have previously mentioned and you might have guessed, our lives revolve around television. I am glad to have proof it isn’t always me who is the fanatic, apparently it is genetic! Ok, I’m not gonna lie; I would totally watch Veronica Mars even if I had to demand a TV in the delivery room, but I am not lucky enough to be pregnant. Anyway, her baby shower is on Saturday; I’ve got lots of cute things for the baby, but it looks like I should have ordered someone a DVD set instead. Hey every new mom needs a Veronica break. I think it is the perfect time for father daughter bonding!

Speaking of fathers, my dad is so nosy. He is like a little kid always going through my stuff, reading all my papers, looking in my purse. He asks the most insane questions. Like just now, I am watching “Without a Trace” and typing this and he comes out, stares at me for a minute and when I don’t look up, he clears his throat and then asks me if I think he should get a Blue Cross supplement. Then he goes into a nonsensical diatribe about his beliefs on insurance. I have an opinion, but I don’t dare voice it partly because the conversation has already gone on too long, but mostly because he can’t hear me anyway. When I tell him I don’t really have all of the information, but I would be glad to research the pros and cons, he just looks at me and says, “Hey, the Indians are doin alright this year, huh?” Well alrighty then.

Guess what, I just found out they’re bracing for another hurricane. I already weathered one this year, pardon the pun, and I don’t plan on doing it again. Ok, OTS but have you seen that commercial where the woman makes a smoothie in the garbage disposal and gives it to her husband? Yuck! “Tired of waiting for rewards” or not, I am not drinking or serving any garbage disposal concoctions, or switching to a credit card company that gives blenders as a reward! Cash back, baby! It is the only way to go!

If you take Weezie’s word for it, there are a lot of hot guys in Auburn. I haven’t seen them, but I am starting to regret my college choice. Too bad that chapter of my life is already closed, but there is always the football game tomorrow night. A little young for me, I suppose, but I don’t plan on dating ‘em just admiring from afar. Details to follow if there is anything worth reporting.

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