Laughing All The Way To The Bank…Almost

Sorry about being so depressing the other day. It comes in waves. If it makes you feel any better, Weezie, Gabby and I spent all day Saturday laughing so hard we could hardly stand it(pictures to follow)! Who knew Gab made such an excellent third; I canít wait for her to fully cross over from little kid to adult so we can hang out, drink beer and shoot the breeze any time we want. Who am I kidding? I hate beer and all three of us would probably rather have a Coca Cola Classic anyway. Seriously. So, if I wasnít getting divorced before, I probably am now as I spent way too much money on this trip, and I started off doing so well. I blame peer pressure and a serious addiction to buying things. ďHelp me, Dr. Phil, youíre my only hopeĒ! But just so you know, I am gonna look sooo good this winter. The only way I would look better is if I actually stopped stuffing my fat face and did some crunches. As if. I so want to be Kristen Bell and/or Gwen Stefani in my next life. Well, I at least want their bodies. Back to my overspending, Carol is supposed to be my wing man she is supposed to talk me down when my spending gets out of control. Instead she is like ď$32 for 2 pairs of pants, you canít beat that. I am going to come back next week and get some jeans, tooĒ Then my mom did the exact same thing to me today. Now I know where the blame really lies. Are you getting this Taine?

Tomorrow we are having a Labor Day cookout at my sisterís house. I get to spend a little more time with Gab and Jarrod. I cherish it because I know I have so little of of it left and I squandered away so many opportunities in the past. Speaking of which, my nephew, David, joined us for lunch today. I havenít really talked to him in a while. We were never as close as say Jarrod and I, he was more like my annoying little brother, but he really is a fine young man and I am very proud of all he has accomplished. And no, he probably doesnít read this, so I am not just sucking up. Unfortunately, I didnít get to see Thomas this time, but I will be back in a week and a half, so I will visit with him then. I am so glad he is doing better. There was a time when that almost didnít seem possible. If this is going to become an online journal perhaps I should give my poor unsuspecting family members cleverly disguised pseudonyms. Oops, guess I am a little too late on that one as half of them have already been outed in some form already. Better luck next time yíall (I threw that in for a little dose of Southern good measure)!

Before I left Auburn last night, Weezie loaned me a CD of some of Father Michaelís homilies recorded back when he was at Holy Spirit in Montgomery. I plan on making a few more copies for friends. I am grateful to have a few of his profound thoughts on the Gospels preserved for posterity. I also think it is important to share them with others because Michael, Father Michael, had so much to say and unfortunately his time to say it was cut short, but what we have left of him can still teach us something. And I plan to learn and pass on whatever I can. I owe him (and God) that much. I went to the cemetery today. The sun was setting and a few sprigs of grass were breaking through the sheet of red clay filled with ants that now covers the humble remains of his earthly life. It is a peaceful yet empty place, yet somehow I think he hears me better there and is a little glad I came. Iíve never really been big on cemeteries. They are the lonliest places on earth, devoid of souls, just earthly vessels waiting for the end of time. Still it is my way of holding on to what I know I must let go of. My way of controlling what I can not change. My way of reaching out across time and space to say I miss you, I sense you, and I canít wait until we meet again.

2 Responses to “Laughing All The Way To The Bank…Almost”

  1. Weezie Says:

    Look, I will be more than happy to take those two pairs of pants for $32 off your hands. My butt looked cute in the black ones! Meanwhile, who did know that Gab would make such an awesome third?! No one EVER thinks we’re as funny as we do, but she does and she’s totally as funny as we are! I guess it’s because you and I spent so much time babysitting her when she was little, and we were able to warp her sweet little mind!
    I went to the cemetery yesterday myself. I just talk to him and sometimes cry. I miss him terribly, and the more time goes by, the more pissed I am that I have to visit his grave. Still, more than anything else, I feel heartbroken and let down and just–left. Anyway, this was not meant to be a sad post.
    Saturday was really awesome; however, if Terri sees this, we had absolutely NO FUN whatsoever and if Gab ever needs grounding, you can send her to Weezie’s, also known as “the land of NO FUN”.

  2. Weezie Says:

    OK, meanwhile, I totally am wearing the darker khaki pants–you know the ones like the light ones and black ones you got–the magic “2 for $32”? Well, anyway, they are cute, but so wrinkle-poo. That’s kind of annoying b/c I have to iron them, but then they do the whole “look like you slept in them” thing once you sit down anyway. They aren’t as heavy as the other two pairs I got either, so they don’t camo the fat as well. Again, they are still cute, just not as cute as I’d like them to be. Oh, well…