Alone Again, Naturally

Well, Emily is safely away at the convent assessing her purpose in life and where she is headed from here. I am at home in time for my anniversary and trying to rekindle my on again off again marriage. Too bad I ended up alone. Taine is out of town on business and it sucks. He was actually very sweet last night. When I got home he had flowers from the garden for me and bacon wrapped filets on the grill. Guess he knows the way to my heart after all. If he had managed to get a bootleg copy of the season premiere of Veronica Mars, Iíd be in the hospital right now recovering from shock! All in all, it was a very thoughtful and romantic homecoming. See Taine, I am not always telling only your bad side. And I know it is not your fault you are stuck in that hell hole commonly referred to as Detroit. And so what if I ate Frosted Mini Wheats and microwave popcorn for dinner? Though I really hope you make it home in time for dinner tomorrow if for nothing less than I donít want to have to type those words again as the contents of my anniversary supper. But if you donít, I know you will just as pissed as me if not more, AND my present will get even better! Just remember, diamonds are forever…think Kobe…alright can I at least have a new coat from Wal-mart? LOL!!! Not much else to report from here other than my cat is on the loose and missing supper. I am not sure if it is garbage day tomorrow or not because of the holiday. And I found out Raymond Arroyo is having a book signing here next week. My offer to read his new book on Mother Angelica was a big hit at the nursing home. At least I donít have to go all the way to Buffalo just to get my copy.

BTW Emily is a convert to VM. I feel like a crack dealer or something. I showed her the pilot and then she kept wanting to watch more. I canít blame her, but I fear I may have sabotaged her retreat. She is already up to episode 6 and asking lots of questions. It is everything I have not to spoil her. She is still not on to LoVe and I plan to keep it that way. And through no prompting of my own, she loves Logan; something about his snarkiness makes him irresistible. We are picking her up on Saturday and I know she isnít changing her mind about coming back to Cleveland with me no matter what her calling may be. She told me before I left that she had to come back because she had to know what happens on Veronica Mars. Thatís my girl. I am tearing up just writing about it. sniff…sniff…I am also brimming with excitement as I have someone else willing to watch all 22 episodes with me. See there is an upside to a huge, convertible family. Dammit Gabby, relent, you will bow to the power of Veronica! (insert whiny voiceover…) please???

One last thing, I saw this online today and it made my day. When one of the most beautiful women in the world gets captured like this…

Angelina\'s Bad day

At least, I know there is still hope for the rest of us!!! And just so you know, the picture came from a photo gallery of her on Access Hollywood via a link on, not some site run by haters with a grudge.

2 Responses to “Alone Again, Naturally”

  1. Weezie Says:

    Yeah, that is so not hot! I meant to tell you b/c I saw on his website that Raymond is doing a book signing up there. I wanted to go to the one at the Shrine, but it was Tuesday at 2:00 and I don’t have leave time. (If I did, I would have been there in a second!) I wish I’d planned ahead and gotten Sr. Ruth to get me one. I was just at the bookstore and I started reading parts of it and was looking at the pictures, including the one of Rhoda Wise. I didn’t want to put it down, but I can’t decide if I should buy it in the mainstream sort of stores to say, “Hey, there is an actual market for good Catholic books.” (Not the garbage that says “Catholic” on it, but is complete nonsense.) But, then, I want to buy it from EWTN just to support them, you know? So, I’m probably just going to order it from EWTN along with the many other things I want from them.
    Yes, we are all addicted to VM. I’m still working on Emilie Cooper. She likes it; she’s just confused right now b/c she keeps seeing them out of sequence. She’s going to stroke out when she finds out who the killer is. I’ve been dying to discuss it with her, but that would require my ruining it for her, and that’s not the way to go. I did tell her how the show ended with VM opening the door, and how that was the big cliffhanger–“Who’s at the door?!” I CANNOT WAIT for the PREMIERE!!!
    Anyway, that’s all…

  2. Aimee Says:

    Emilie, what are you doing on the 1st? I have a weekend free and 22 episodes just waiting to be watched in order! Come on, you know you want to!!! All the other kids are doing it…HAHAHA…Seriously, I can arrange another viewing party. I am already heading to Weezie’s for Veronica Day. That’s love, baby!

    Weezie, I can get you a signed copy at Joseph Beth if you want me too. I don’t think they have a limit. Plus Emily will be with me.