Six years ago today,

I was at he courthouse marrying my longtime love. My boss and friend Jennifer and her husband, Pete had arranged for us to get married on a Thursday because we really wanted 9/9/99 as our wedding date. It is funny how six years can seem like a lifetime and a few minutes at the same time. Today I am still working on getting it right and she and her husband are picking up the pieces of their life in Biloxi. Nothing I have ever gone through or probably will go through will ever match that test of faith. I am thankful to know she is alive and well and I am thankful to keep getting another chance to get it right. I donít know if you watched the telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina or not, but please consider donating if you havenít already. Peopleís lives are depending on us. Some of the evacuees are headed here to Cleveland and we will do everything we can to help them adjust to relocation and try to help them rebuild their lives as I am sure other communities hosting displaced citizens will be doing as well.

On a slightly different note, if you are married or considering getting married, I highly recommend EWTNís new series ďMarriage Works in ChristĒ hosted by my former pastor and confessor Father James Dean and featuring Greg and Julie Alexander. The show debuted this week and it was great. I look forward to learning a lot more about my faith and how to have a more successful Christ-filled marriage. In case you are wondering, the show airs Sunday nights, Wednesday at 11pm (EST) and Friday mornings at 10:30am (EST). I really want to talk about Father Normandine, but I am not sure it is an appropriate story to share, so I will have to mull it over. What do you think Weezie? Should we let them in on the rest of the story? Shrimp anyone?

Ok, you all know about my obsession with VM, but my original and truest obsession was with The Pretender. Season Two is coming out on DVD this month, so I have to take this opportunity to say, you owe it to yourself to watch this show. It was so awesome. I am still pissed it got cancelled. Stupid NBC!!! Anyway Jarod was my best love if only he wasnít fictitious!

To follow up on last nightís post, unfortunately, he didnít make it home for dinner, but Iím sure we will do something together soon. My only complaint is how long it took him to call me. I resisted the urge to eat garlic all day, but I was not having Frosted Mini Wheats again so I headed to Aladdinís for some real food. I am starting to regret that decision, though. I ate too much and I think I reek! You know what they say, payback is a bitch! At least I donít chew Skoal. That is disgusting!!! Although I do think it is crap that Gretchen Wilson can’t show it on stage during her song “Skoal Ring”. I might be a ďredneck womanĒ, but Iíll skip the dip and nothing she can do will change my mind. The attorney general needs to get a life. There is nothing remotely cool about snuff.

One Response to “Six years ago today,”

  1. Weezie Says:

    Fr. Dean and the Alexanders are AWESOME! I’ve not gotten to watch the shows yet, but they are waiting for me on my TIVO. However, we went to one of their workshops before the wedding last year, and it was one of the best things we’ve ever done for our relationship. They are supposed to do another one for us at some point, like a continuation from last year, which would be great. We also have their Covenant of Love Marriage Group at Queen of Mercy. We just started meeting a couple of months ago, and it is fantastic too. It’s nice to have a support system of other Catholic couples/families who share many of the same values. It’s Christ-centered and Church-centered, which is so important. The Alexanders have done, and continue to do some really great work.
    Meanwhile, you CANNOT tell the Normandine story. I’m freaking out that you even put that part on here! LOL Good grief, I’m cracking up laughing right now in the middle of my office. People are going to think I’m on crack! Anyway, no, you cannot share that story.
    P.S. I am NOT a “redneck woman” even if I do live in Alabama. I embrace my Yankee roots.