Some Enchanted Evening

It is official; Emily is a full fledged Veronica Mars addict! She’s got it bad, as do I. Quite obviously. We finished watching the last 5 episodes today. 16 days until the real torture begins. I just read Kristen from E! online got her copy of the season 2 premiere today. So jealous I can hardly stand it! BTW have you checked out the new teaser? I don’t care to be spoiled any more; I just want the new season to start post haste! There is not much else to report from here as 22 hours of TV viewing (although not entirely continuous) does put your brain into a bit of a stupor, no matter how unbearably attractive Logan has become. I have truly become weary worn of these fictitious loves. Reality is just never as appealing. Ah well, in honor of the upcoming premiere, I have been lurking around the internet in search of delightful images from season 1 and I will post a few of them here along with my daily ramblings in an effort to quell the insatiable desire for all things Veronica Mars amongst my readers until we make it to the summer finish line. Today was rather boring otherwise and I am feeling rather crappy, so I will avoid the anger I am tempted to spew and bid you adieu for this evening. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel more like sharing. Until then, I will leave you with an image near and dear to my heart…


Props to for the image. Super cool site, lots of images and a great source for all of the hopeless LoVe shippers out there. Keep up the great work guys!

P.S. Did I tell you I won a kick ass MyFi XM radio with a year’s worth of free service? It is tres cool. I can’t wait to try it out on my next road trip. I can even take it jogging with me. If I ever take up jogging that is. I love free stuff!!! Normally, I can’t even win a free Coke, so right now I rock! Literally and figuratively. I know Gab, let’s never say that again. But “I am kewl”. Well, sort of.

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