Eye Told You So

Private Eyes

Just got of the phone with Weezie. We had to catch up after the last episode of Veronica Mars aired. From what I hear the finale sealed the deal for Emilie Cooper. I told you you should trust me. Would I go out on a limb this much for mediocre crap? I think not. I am still patiently waiting a response to my offer to spend the weekend catching her up on all the episodes. I suppose you could always just buy the DVD on October 11th in fact you should get it regardless of your answer to my offer. Anyway, welcome to the club; I will be providing membership cards for converts soon. Gabby, I’m coming for you!!!! And yes Matt, I have gone bonkers for Veronica Mars, but truthfully I think you could have made a case earlier.

As for my day with Emily, we went mall hopping and loot gathering in Strongsville and Middleburg Heights. Sadly we never quite made it to the religious goods store that was originally the purpose of the trip. Guess we got too caught up looking at all the clothes Logan would wear! LOL. I did take her for her first ever trip to Red Lobster. Verdict: Joe’s Crab Shack kicks their ass. Quite handily I might add. For dinner, she had her first ever trip to a Thai restaurant. I have been hooked since my first real boyfriend’s mom cooked it for me. She was awesome; what an amazing cook.

Anyway, I knew that picture of Angelina Jolie was scary, but apparently several of you are quite disturbed by it. I have received many requests to have it removed or at least decreased in size. I am tempted, but for now it stays. I promise to reconsider my decision tomorrow and/or after I receive a comment from Emilie. In an effort to make it up to those of you adversely affected I offer:

Logan Echolls

Also, check out Rob Thomas’ latest e-mail to VM fans.

On the agenda for tomorrow, Emily finally gets to see what all the buzz about Napoleon Dynamite is about now that it is pretty much over. And we get my film back from Walmart, 5 rolls, of which I have almost no idea what is on them. If there are any good ones, I will post them here especially the ones from my day with Carol and Gab!

P.S. Did anyone catch Supernatural with Jensen Ackles? Off the hook…Guess I can watch My Name is Earl after all.

2 Responses to “Eye Told You So”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Okay, I am totally a convert and should never ever have doubted you. That episode both scared me and freaked me out. I was never a big Harry Hamlin fan, but now I’m down right frightened. I wish I could come up for a Veronica Mars weekend, but down here we never know week to week what the old gasoline situation will be. I would like to do it…maybe I can persuade myself…it won’t be hard. Not a definite answer, but a maybe. As for the Angelina picture, it confirms what I have long suspected…she is ugly up close…a full on Monet. You have heard the old saying never sit too close at the ballet…this is a too close at the ballet moment. Maybe reducing the size would help, but I have seen that face flash before my eyes while I’m trying to go to sleep and then I couldn’t sleep. That’s all I’m saying.
    Love from your newly converted Veronica Mars fan,

  2. Weezie Says:

    OK, after watching that episode for the 3rd time, it still scares the crap out of me and makes me scream out loud! Harry Hamlin creeped me out so badly–good grief, I’m still trying to recover! It always sounds so stupid and cliche when people talk about a show or a movie having you “on the edge of your seat,” but I was LITERALLY on the edge of my seat through that entire episode! I had only been following VM when I’d catch it on or when my sister would call me to tell me about it, but that finale had me hooked! So freaking good!
    Anyway, I cannot wait for the premiere and for the soundtrack!!! “Princess” and I will be rockin’ out to some VM tunes! Meanwhile, Emilie needs to come for a viewing party. Aimee and I had one and it was awesome–so what if we spent, like, 18 hours or something watching it. It was soooo…worth it!
    I’m just sayin’…