Purgatory is not so bad if Jesus shows up to entertain you

Yesterday we had lunch with my own personal BFF, Matt. It was fun; I miss him! I am still trying to find a way to incorporate him into my family officially. Though I am sure there is plenty I could bitch about not the least of which is XM radio, Emily and I are headed out early in the morning for the Keane concert in Nashville tomorrow night. I swear this is turning out to be the best week ever! Yesterday, we attended the book signing I mentioned earlier. It was awesome. At first it felt a little like purgatory, a sea of old people babbling about Mother Angelica, lots of misinformation and speculation and even more crazy talk. Harmless, but not exactly fun when you are seriously bringing down the median age in the joint. We got there early, but I got the last 3 copies of the book. I was seriously worrying I might cause a stampede if anyone caught on that I had extras. The whole city is out of the book and the distributor is out as well. Crazy. Anyway, Emily and I were relatively impatiently awaiting Raymond’s arrival and seriously wishing we could bolt, but promises to the elderly and one’s mother must not be broken. Thus we stayed on. Raymond finally showed, on time, but it always seems like forever when you are early. He made up for it and put an end to our feelings of purgatory when we saw who he brought with him, Jim Caviezel. That’s right people, the Catholic trifecta, Mother Angelica, Raymond Arroyo, and Jesus…er…Jimmy. Emily had the hots for the blue eyed doll he brought with him (he looked more like an agent than a body guard although it doesn’t take much brawn to protect one from the elderly). Emily went for the camera; I went for the phone. There is no better way to cheer up a sick mother than to tell her you are this close to a man she refers to as if he is her 5th son. I told her I had to go and she shouted back, “make sure you get him to sign my book”. Um, mom, I am not in the habit of harassing celebrities; that is your territory, but I will try. After all, my niece, Sr. Therese did give him a tour of the Shrine and I did personally interview Mother Angelica when I was in high school-take that Raymond Arroyo! Plus my brother has worked for EWTN for years, but he already met Caviezel, and did he score an autograph for our poor mother? I think not. Ok, so in case you haven’t figured it out already he was there to sign books and greet Ray’s crowd. Lucky for me. An added bonus at religious book signings populated by the elderly, people are friendly and mostly generous and you are so the hottest one there, not that it matters cause no one is looking, but Jim totally winked at me. I guess he could have had something in his eye; I mean it wasn’t the flirty type of wink, it was more like the “I feel your purgatory pain” kind of wink, but I loved it, and they totally sang to Emily. Tres cool. I made Emily burn the rest of her roll of film so I could add a few shots here before we left.
Jim Caviezel 1

Jim Caviezel 2

Perhaps these will help ease our mother’s collective pain as neither of us bugged them to be photographed in cutesy poses with us (mostly for fear of the people behind us in line who were serious about meeting Jesus). Just be happy we took the shots at all; we got a little hyper and it started to affect our brain function. They don’t let us out of the home much without supervision. Well, I have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow, so tootles for now. Updates on Keane to follow and photos if they let us!

P.S. per Weezie’s request I am also posting a couple of photos of me as well.


me 2

2 Responses to “Purgatory is not so bad if Jesus shows up to entertain you”

  1. Weezie Says:

    OK…SO not what I was talking about…I meant from that night. I saw your comment about hoping mine were better. I didn’t mean you could post hot pics of yourself because you are supposed to be matching Gab and me from our day of absolutely no fun. Anyway, I’ll have to see what I can dig up.

  2. Aimee Says:

    Careful what you wish for! I liked how I looked in the pictures from that day. It was actually you and our collective boobs in competition that prompted me not to post what I knew you were implying I should have posted. I didn’t post pics of myself originally because this website is about me and I didn’t want to be self-serving, but since you asked, I decided to post something decent.