Tomorrow is the BIG Day

It is finally here!!!!

Veronica Ad

Sorry I am so behind on posts, but I will try and update tonight. Don’t forget to watch Veronica Mars. I can hardly wait. Look out Auburn here I come!

One Response to “Tomorrow is the BIG Day”

  1. Weezie Says:

    VERONICA MARS!!!!! OK, so Wes is going to order the pizza for us so we won’t have to fool with it when we get home from the meeting. Because, really, let’s be honest, I’m not freaking answering the door and dealing with that while I’m trying to watch every second of the show. There’s plenty of Coke in the fridge, so we’re good there…if you want tea, I’ll have to brew some–after the show is over! 🙂 Yea! VERONICA MARS!!!