Playing Ketchup

So, to catch you all up, Keane was awesome. Our seats were unbelievable! My photography skills were on vacation, but I will attach a few shots anyway. My biggest surprise was how lame the crowd was. I know the Ryman is the church of Country Music and all, but I have seen more excitement at Easter Sunday services than in that place. They run a tight ship. And to think Emily’s dad warned her not to inhale (so much funnier if you knew him, but still)! Tom Chaplin finally got folks off their collective asses or bums as it were, but it still felt more like curtain call at Mamma Mia than an actual rock concert.

Tom Chaplin

Older lady in PigtailsNote the elderly in pigtails. Please tell me if I ever look that pathetic…


Curtain Call

At least I eased Emily in to it; we had seriously considered going to the rescheduled Green Day concert in Dayton the week before. Perhaps there, her father’s advice would have been handy. Regardless, a good time was had by all even if we had to forego dinner because there was nowhere open for dinner after the concert. Speaking of which, we managed to find a Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch (thank you, Jesus and I mean that literally). The food was great and we narrowly avoided our first fight of the trip, as I am extra bitchy when I am hungry and/or tired.

I made it back in time for Jarrod’s game, but both Emily and Carol bailed on me. Slackers!!! The Lions won against their biggest rivals and I got the best surprise of all. I got to escort Jarrod and a teammate of his to Tuscaloosa for a game day tour, sideline pass and tickets to the Alabama vs. Arkansas game. I even managed to avoid sunburn, amazing considering how pale I am and the 11:15 kickoff. Other than the unbearable heat, we had a great time. Our hostess was very sweet and personable and hot, but not in the slutty kind of way. Afterwards, we met up with another player and his family who were tailgating (if you can call it that). I call it rec-ing out in an air conditioned church hall watching tv, but to each his own. They invited us to a restaurant with them. Mind you it sounded like a stupid idea to me, but the boys and I were very hungry and tired, so we agreed. This would come back to bite us on the ass later. Not only did it take 2 restaurants and an extraordinarily long wait time for our food (almost 2 and a half hours), Jarrod also managed to merit a “talking to” and I was in doo doo for letting him “con me” into not coming straight home. Who knew I was still so gullible at 30? Wait, I was never the gullible one, that was his mother, I am the conniver. Perhaps Jarrod and I have more in common than I thought. At any rate, my advice, if someone offers to take you to Hooters after a football game, just say no. The food and in this case the view were definitely not worth it. Plus, you know it is bad when teenage boys are asking if they can get a discount if the girls will put some clothes on. There are so many funny stories I could tell; the boys had me laughing all the way home. Honestly I am too tired to tell them, and something tells me the humor would be lost in translation.

At any rate I made it to Dylan’s first birthday party. He really raked up. The only downside, it turns out Haley had the chicken pox, so now everyone was exposed. Talk about ruining your kid’s rep. He is so off the party circuit-at one no less. Now I have to wait until he gets better so I can take him on a play date.

Through nerves, stupidity, tiredness and hunger or at least some combination of those, I managed to bite off all my fingernails. I am so mad at myself. They hurt so fucking bad, and they look bad and what’s worse, I keep needing them to do things. I have forgotten all my little tricks for how to function without them. Mostly I just wish they didn’t sting so much.

Gabby called tonight. She needs help with her paper on The Taming of the Shrew. Minor in things like Shakespeare and people think you know things! I promised to help her but not until after Veronica Mars! BTW my soundtrack arrived in the mail today. So much for Amazon’s two week delay. I can’t wait to listen to it, but mean old Taine won’t mail it to me! He did fix my problem with the folks at XM, so now I am back to loving them again.

My craptastic car is on the fritz again. Josh stopped by today and I had him look at it and check my tires. I have to have it taken in for service on Thursday. Who knows what that will cost. Now I am stuck borrowing my mom’s Buick to go to Auburn for our VM viewing party. Emilie are you coming up here or what? Just give in, you know you want to. If not, talk to me when you get done with the season 1 DVD. I can’t wait for you to see them all. I am on a mission to convert the world. Now if only religion translated so easily! Well, that just about does it for my updates and opinions, at least until I see the big premiere. I do have one more favor to ask, go see Serenity this weekend. They really need big box office numbers and I promise you won’t be sorry, even you Matty. Just go, ok? Trust me.

2 Responses to “Playing Ketchup”

  1. Weezie Says:

    You are cold, girl…I’m referring to the “elderly in pigtails” remark…

  2. Aimee Says:

    If you had seen her 45 year old ass in person, you wouldn’t say that! LOL

    BTW, you are right, Shula is hot in person. His wife, surprisingly not so much.