Late As Usual

Ok, so I am a terrible friend, an unhappy wife and a stressed out daughter. Basically if you want to express your current displeasure with me, take a number and line up over there! I know I haven’t even taken the time to review last week’s premiere of Veronica Mars. In my defense, I really wanted to watch it at least twice before issuing a final verdict. I guess I will start with that and move forward from there. The show was good, but not great. As an avid fan I was a little disappointed. I know the episode was designed to make new viewers feel as included as the rest of us and set up the new season long mystery, but I can’t help wishing we had gotten to see a bit more of what happened over the summer not just some glossed over hurried flashback highlights. Perhaps over the course of the season we will get little tidbits in flashback that help fill in some more of the gaps. I even have hope we might get a wonderful episode the caliber of “Trip to the Dentist” that reveals all that happened to Logan on the bridge. Until then, I will continue to be an avid fan in search of answers and eagerly awaiting each installment Rob Thomas and UPN has to offer. Just a reminder, you have until tomorrow to preorder your glarkware “Backup” t-shirt from Television Without Pity. Also, be sure to check out Couch Baron’s new recaps for season 2 of VM.

I did manage to see Serenity on Saturday. Excellent movie although somewhat predictable. The Pretender guys should take note. This is the way to give fans what they want and appeal to a wider audience. Those of you who didn’t take my advice and see it over the weekend are missing out and should reconsider when making your plans for this weekend.

Gabrielle and I went to my high school alma mater for the homecoming game on Friday as Jarrod and his team had a bye week. The game was somewhat pathetic as usual and I only saw people I didn’t want to know with the exception of Fr. Michael’s sister, Denise. It just further proves my point that you can never go home again. I will say it was fun to look around and see how things had changed since I was there. And in defense of homecoming, I didn’t exactly hang out with the crowd that frequented the games back in the day, so it is no surprise my friends weren’t there now. Gab and I bailed the fourth quarter massacre in favor of bowling, as I have bit off all my fingernails and thus have no qualms partaking in an old school pastime. I always have fun when Gabrielle is around, especially when I win!! We’re back in P-ville rooting for the Lions this Friday for the biggest game of the season to date.

Sorry, distraction, Conan O’Brien is off the hook! He was running around making faces because the TelePrompTer was down. Now he is back with the script. It is a joke about celebrity survey responses. One of the alleged questions was to name the scariest person you have ever seen. Michael Jackson’s response was “the white lady who lives in my mirror”. Now Freddie Prinze Jr. is bemoaning his physique. He is using the old adage that he had to quit drinking, but he hated to because he was so good at it and he’s not a quitter. Even given the tired humor, I am going to lift the ban and watch his new comedy next Wednesday on ABC mostly because it doesn’t conflict with VM and because I love Brian Austin Green. So hot! Ever since he made that made for TV classic with Sharon Lawrence, I have been a changed woman.

In other exciting news, Tricia’s baby is coming on Thursday. I can’t wait to meet baby Juliana! I will post news and/or photos as soon as there is any. Now I am off to watch my tape of My Name is Earl since my mother prefers watching Commander in Chief to juvenile bathroom humor as she calls it. Have I mentioned she is crazy? Remind me to tell you some of her latest zingers next time.

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