Thoughts on “Driver Ed”

Regarding tonight’s episode of Veronica Mars, I think I puked a little in my mouth. I don’t care how great Charisma Carpenter was on Buffy; she makes me sick here. Although I continue to love Logan in his speaking roles, especially outside Duncan’s hotel room, I have definitely seen enough of his depressing sordid affair with the shedevil. As for Veronica, I was beginning to hope she was back this week, what with lines like “You’re a macchiato”, but no such luck. She was as pathetic and whiny as last week, and seriously in need of reconnecting with her snarky past. Please tell me why there was practically no sex in the entire last season, and now I need blinders to shield my eyes from the disgusting naked romps between whores and disturbed teenagers and used to be brothers and sisters who apparently have no problems letting bygones be bygones. Why Veronica, WHY???? Logan, I get; I don’t like it, but I get it. VD will simply never make sense. I thought I would be ok with the two of them. I even had hope they would break up over Duncan’s stupidity, but for her to give up her true virginity to him. UGH. I guess storyline wise it makes her ready for a LoVe replay later in the year. It gives her a little gross factor to complement Logan’s need for a decontamination shower. She was clearly a little jealous when she saw Logan coming out of Kendall’s room, but still. As it turns out my favorite character is Beaver. I liked him last year and I thought his nickname was seriously funny. Now, I can’t wait for him to bust his wicked stepmother and see the look on Veronica’s face. I seriously hope it makes her a tad angry, incredibly snarky, and hopefully a little jealous. Make that a LOT jealous. Lastly, why is Wallace the only one who actually attends school? At least he picked up some of Veronica’s skills of deduction. Last year we were treated to such great snarky times at Neptune High. Afterall, this is a show about a teenage detective, right? The fun part of the show was watching her balance her “super sleuth powers” with her ostracized high school persona. Now it seems something is missing. I am not sure whom to blame, but I sincerely hope the problem corrects itself post haste. Honestly though, I didn’t see the dead guy with Veronica’s name on his hand coming. I do have to say I am surprised to find myself two episodes into the season and not caring about any of the storylines. I am getting perilously close to switching my commitment to watching VM and taping Lost.

I just have to note my spell checker suggested I change Duncan’s to Dunce’s and Kendall to Kennel. How appropriate are those changes? I’m just sayin’! I am seriously calling them that from now on. Tricia, I so hope they had UPN in your hospital room tonight. Can’t wait to see you and the baby tomorrow!!!

Speaking of babies…is anyone else creeped out by the TomKat baby? It is bad enough Jennifer Garner procreated with Satan and is having his spawn, but this? Can you say pact with the devil? I thought he couldn’t even have kids? I used to feel kinda sorry for him; now, I think I feel a little more puke coming on…

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