I’ve got a question

So, I am finally back in C-town. It is cold, rainy and dreary! Can I winter someplace sunny and warm??? Sorry updates have been scarce, but things have been hoppin lately. Jarrod and his team are Region 4 Champions and remain undefeated. He was named defensive player of the week at last week’s game against Lee with his biggest play a sack for a 12 yard loss. As for Juliana’s photos, I will get those up as soon as we reinstall our scanner. Lastly, Veronica Mars has been looking up lately. I still have concerns, but there are still signs of magic and I highly recommend it.

On another TV note, why do people always ask Dr. Phil questions they should and often do already know the answers to? I caught the end of ask Dr. Phil if this is normal day when I turned on the TV to check the news. This lady wanted to know if it was normal for her daughter to be raised by a nudist. She said her fiance was most comfortable in the nude and so was her small daughter, and they often hung out around the house naked. She prefers being fully clothed, but doesn’t mind the tasteful display of nudity her other family members partake in. Her concern is her daughter is so comfortable in the nude she will go to school and take her clothes off in front of others. She is also concerned her daughter will start to notice the difference in genitalia. Her question for Dr. Phil was, is this affecting her daughter? And should she stop this behavior in an effort to better socialize her daughter? Um, yeah. And I can’ t believe she had to wait for Dr. Phil to answer her to figure it out. I’ve got a better idea, why doesn’t someone ask Dr. Phil why there is a market for “Celtic Tiger” Michael Flatley’s new Irish phenomenon? Really? There is something that truly baffles me.

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