Brief thoughts on Veronica

As evidenced by many online chat rooms and message boards and even this week’s issue of TV Guide, I am not the only one who thinks Duncan is incredibly boring and Veronica should dump him in favor of Logan. I realize it is not sweeps yet and the whole LoVe thing snuck up on us last year, but seriously, how long must we suffer through the most boring man on earth? Where’s Leo? Him, I could tolerate. Hell I’d even take a new Troy, he was evil, but at least he wasn’t a snoozefest. He was BFF with the weirdo but still. If we must continue to watch Veronica fawn all over her fairy prince, please, oh pretty please Rob Thomas, do something to make him interesting!!!!!

BTW When I read the sides for last night’s episode, it was implied Duncan was the one who outed her to the psychic and I thought it was really funny, as it played out last night it came across mean and hateful.

Oh well, I had a few other things to write about, but Taine just walked in. I will have to catch up more tomorrow. In good news, I got gas for $2.14 a gallon today!

2 Responses to “Brief thoughts on Veronica”

  1. Weezie Says:

    OK, I know we are supposed to hate Jackie right now; but, oh my gosh, I really cannot stand that girl! Meanwhile, Veronica looked SO PRETTY for the dance! Duncan and Veronica are kind of boring–they sort of make me want to throw up. Something made me laugh, but as usual, I forgot what it was. I do that all the time. And also, I’m glad Veronica has a conscience; but I’m also annoyed that she has a conscience. I mean, first she doesn’t check out Meg’s files and then she doesn’t stick it to Jackie and her Daddy and Lamb even though she SO could have.
    Finally, I can’t believe you got gas for $2.14 a gallon! I was stoked that I got it for $2.57 in Montgomery last night!!! It’s still in the $2.60-$2.70 something range up here. Killin’ me…so glad I don’t have the hour-long commute to work every morning anymore…
    OH! Completely off subject–Roll Tide!

  2. Aimee Says:

    As long as we are OTS…GO LIONS!!!!! oh and ROLL TIDE ROLL…