Subject, what subject? We don’t need no stinkin’ subject

Ok first of all, this fingernail biting thing has to go. It seriously breaks my concentration. Second, in defense of my cheap gas, I am stuck living in Cleveland. I would trade higher gas for sunny and warm any day. If you had both, I would never see Taine again. Speaking of which, I am home and missing Senior night at the football game. It is the last regular season game of the year and I suppose the pinnacle of Jarrod’s football experience thusfar. So why a I here and not there? Good question. It is a terrible thing to be torn between the love of your life and well, the love of your life. Most people seem to think the choice is easy or if I had children of my own it would matter less, but I have serious trouble believing I could ever love anyone more, perhaps equally but more is doubtful. So here I am feeling more and more guilty by the minute and questioning my decision with every passing second. Taine says I am harder on myself than Jarrod ever would be, but you don’t see the way he looks at me. It is like I left him yesterday. Maybe it is my own guilt talking. I certainly know his life doesn’t revolve around me and it shouldn’t, nor should mine really, but I just enjoying being a part of his life. Gabrielle is taking pictures of the game for me and I can still listen to it on the radio over the internet, so even when I am not there, I am in spirit. Anyone want to buy Rob Thomas tickets? I can not miss the semi-finals!!!

On a funnier note and at the risk of seriously dating myself, does anyone remember the scene in Police Academy (shoot me I don’t remember which one precisely) when the old lady says “Officer can you get my kitty out of the tree” and he says, “No problem ma’am” unholsters his gun, points skyward and fires…cue falling dead cat and a disgusted look from the old lady? Perhaps it is cruel of me, but this scene immediately came to mind when I saw Terri’s neighbor had posted a sign which read: Solid Grey Kitty Kidnapped Last Weekend Large Reward$ {phone number omitted}Kidnapper-leave unsigned note where you dropped her {bad marker drawing of said cat} “Trianna” named after Trinity {bad drawing of cross with sunshine rays eminating forth} Felony charge to hurt someone’s pet. From what I can tell, someone really needs to start taking her meds again and hire Veronica Mars for that matter.

I am making a pot roast for dinner tonight, how very Betty Crocker of me if I do say so myself. For lunch, I met up with Shannon. We had a nice talk and a nice time catching up, now that I finally stayed in town for a few days. Still haven’t heard back from Matt, but I did run into a couple of other favorites while at PHS. In fact my longtime friend and religious mentor Jim and I are having lunch together next week to catch up as well. We all have to best intentions of keeping in touch, but then life somehow intervenes. You know what they say about the best laid plans of Mice and Men. Creepy book by the way. I hated it. For know I am listening to the VM soundtrack and working on J’s secret scrapbook which is awesome by the way. I rock. Anyway, that is it for today, but I will leave you with GO LIONS GO!!!!

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