Deal With the Devil

Ok, maybe not THE devil, but still. Today I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was talking shit about the upcoming Alabama vs. Auburn game. This of course being the greatest rivalry in the SEC if not all of college football or at the very least the most eagerly awaited weekend in the state of Alabama. As we were talking, I casually mentioned Carol’s hilarious ribbing of Fr. Dean over his unfailing loyalty to the Auburn Tigers. We, of course, as Alabama fans can not let him get away with that. In the spirit of fairness, they have a little friendly wager going, and don’t even dream of thinking anything hateful. This is strictly an above board bet on lunch for the winner. I personally suggested she agree to this deal only if they could eat at Dreamland since that’s where any Auburn fan is living if they think they will beat Bama. This little trip out on a limb spawned a friendly wager of my own. My friend and dye (as in Pat Dye) hard Auburn fan, Brandon, goaded me into taking him (enormous ego included) on. After careful consideration, I mean Bama did get their asses handed to them (deservedly so) by LSU just last weekend, I decided to take his bet. So these are the terms: When Alabama wins the Iron Bowl this weekend, Brandon will compose a 500 word essay of love called “An Ode to The Alabama Crimson Tide and Brodie Croyle, the greatest quarterback in the SEC”. This little ditty will mention the phrase “Roll Tide” a minimum of 3 times and will be sent out to all of his Auburn loving friends and yes, even Fr. Dean but especially to Weezie and me. I will then promptly do a happy dance, post said ode here and frame it for my wall. It will go nicely next to my portrait of Bear Bryant. In the unlikely event I should lose this wager, I have agreed to post an equally lovey-dovey Auburn Ode, but I was not given any specific rules as to content, and I was also careful to maintain Carol’s right to post whatever retaliatory remarks she may desire. Though I can NOT ask her to post anything specific or to speak for both of us. Um, given that we share a brain, that one might be be tough! But I have confidence in confidence, so there!

On to other news, Jarrod was mentioned twice in the recap of last weekend’s game against Theodore. Check out the article here. This weekend they play at home against Opelika. I want to talk a lot of smack (a la Jim Rome) at this point, but in the interest of sportsmanship and knowing all of the trash talk will be over by Saturday, I’ll just say “Go Lions”!!!!

Sadly, I also have to report a former schoolmate and friend of mine was attacked and beaten at gunpoint. I have been told it was nothing more than southern ignorance, but it sickens me regardless of the cause. I am still amazed by how we treat one another. We only have one world, one place to live and raise our children. I don’t expect everyone to like each other. I don’t have any Peter Pan ideas about the world, but I have to say, I despise those who pick on the elderly, little children and unarmed people minding their own business. It is inexcuable and it pisses me off.

One Response to “Deal With the Devil”

  1. Weezie Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny…I’ll post later, but guess who called me first thing this morning to warn me that I am not allowed to break the rules of your bet by posting any retort to what you will be writing after AU wins! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a load!