Roll Tide, the humanity of Lamb, and other thoughts

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So, Brandon calls this morning and leaves me a message where he’s all, “Good morning and W** E****…I have a bet with your aunt Aimee and when she loses and posts good things about Auburn, you cannot do anything, you cannot post a retort or anything like that because it’s a bet. So, you’ll have to behave yourself and take it like a grown up because those rednecks are going down. I’m sorry to have to break it to you like this…” BLAH BLAH BLAH

You know, I’m not even going to dignify such nonsense with a response. (Well, I did laugh–A LOT!) I’ll simply save that for later when I’m framing my own copy of Brandon’s “An Ode to The Alabama Crimson Tide and Brodie Croyle, the greatest quarterback in the SEC. Maybe I’ll even present one to Fr. Dean as a gift, since I am such a kind, generous, and giving person. Good times…

So, Sheriff Lamb is actually human, eh? I’m glad we got some insight as to why he is the way he is. That whole episode was creepy: between the child abuse and Kendall Casablancas, OH! and don’t let me forget the ever-disturbing, Duncan Kane, I was totally freaked. I have not read Aimee’s spoiler/theory post and I’m not going to, but I do know that she’s right in that Duncan is totally creepsville and up to something.

Finally, you know that lip gloss we bought that was two for one–the one that was a pretty color and glittery? Well, how annoying is it that the color goes, but the glitter stays? I feel like I dipped my lips in glitter on the way out the door this morning and it totally makes my lips feel dry.

Oh! And this is from a couple posts back, but disinterested pre-teens on cell phones are funny.

Roll Tide! Brodie, darling, let’s get this done, OK?

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