2 Crushing Blows in 1 Weekend

Funny how Brandon seems to have forgotten the terms of our agreement rather quickly. First he tried to indicate I had somehow made an agreement not only for myself but also on behalf of Carol. Today, he called me less than 2 minutes after the game was over to let me know he would be forwarding me a list of e-mail addresses to which I am obliged to send my cleverly entitled ode, “Why Auburn is superior to Alabama in many, many ways”. What he seems to have forgotten is that I agreed to post said ode here for all of the world to see (including any Auburn fans he would like to direct here) not to e-mail anyone. Since he does not have a website of his own, HE was instructed to e-mail his friends in the event I won. Not to mention he was all class calling me to gloat mere moments after the final play of the game. In his defense, Auburn fans don’t have much to gloat about, at least not very often. Perhaps the outcome of this game would have been very different if it had taken place earlier in the season, we will never know the answer to that question.

I will get to my ode, and I do apologize for being long winded from the start, but I have to take a moment to address what is really on my mind. After having a great undefeated season, the Prattville Lions lost their bid for the State Championship last night. I was crushed and I am sure the boys were too. It wasn’t that I believed they were invincible; I didn’t. I have such pride in them, in all they have worked for and accomplished. I was sad to see it end, and shocked because it really seemed they would pull it out. I missed seeing the last game (high school anyway) of the most important person in the world to me. I think it was for the best. The one thing I know is he went out on top; he had a great game and he made me proud.

There was a sense of sadness in the air, you could hear it in the crowd and in the voices of those charged with calling the game even over the rather weak internet feed. It wasn’t a kind of let down or disappointment in the team, it was more like a collective kick in the stomach because all of us wanted something spectacular for “our boys”. When the sting wears off, we will all look back on this season and remember the strong points, the achievements of a team with an excellent defense and a nearly unmatched offense. Obviously last night it wasn’t enough, maybe as some say it just wasn’t their time or it wasn’t meant to be. All the same, they gave us a season of hope, a season of dreams, a season of really spectacular games, they made us care about each and every one of them as individuals and as a team, and in the end they made us proud.

Now on to my ode…

Why Auburn is Superior to Alabama in Many, Many Ways

For starters, why not? Bottom line, they scored more points. They sacked our quarterback 11 times. It wasn’t really a surprise, all you have to do is look back to last week’s game against LSU. We were out manned and out played; in a nutshell, we got our asses handed to us, but we still almost pulled it out in over time. So the big mighty Auburn Tigers set out to teach us something. Honestly I didn’t have the heart to watch the entire game. I was still getting over last night. When I heard the score in the first quarter was 21-0, I decided to wait a while; I can only take so much losing. While I am being honest, I really don’t know many of the Auburn player’s names because in my real life I don’t care, so it makes it a little hard to extol their virtues, but I will try. I did manage to pick up on a few key plays, at least in the 4th quarter. One of the best plays of the game came when Jonathan, Jae (as the sportscasters insisted he prefers to be called), Wilhite deflected Brodie Croyle’s pass and the Tide failed to score a crucial touchdown. A great play at a key moment, all in all, an awesome effort on his part, honestly this play really impressed me. Certainly not to be excluded is that heart breaking 11th sack of my beloved Brodie Croyle by Antarrius Williams thus ending the SEC career of a distinguished quarterback, and bringing my least favorite player, John Parker Wilson, into the game. Granted he did singlehandedly convert a touchdown and close the gap in the game. All this really proves is Alabama’s offense is weak; they have suffered tremendously from the loss of Tyrone Prothro and other key players like J.B. Closner. Without experienced receivers, you cannot convert touchdowns. Without scoring touchdowns, you cannot win games. Does this make Auburn superior? Apparently, but I would venture to guess any Auburn fan would have rather had a win over Alabama at the top of their game than down a man or two. Granted Auburn has to take satisfaction in wins whenever they can, but I know they prefer straight out wins with no excuses. Thus I admit, Alabama was out played. We lost, plain and simple. It sucked. It shouldn’t have happened this year, but it is what it is. The rivalry goes on. Auburn gets bragging rights for another year and they cap off a 4th straight Iron Bowl win. They managed to do it with a jack ass like Ben Obomanu who has nothing better to do than act like a cocky bastard, oops did I say that? I mean to say Tommy Tuberville does have a lot to rave about. After all the man was nearly ousted at least twice (that I know of) because the fans and the administration doubted his ability to lead their team to victory. Well he showed them! I, for one, think there should be a street named for him in Auburn. That way fans will never forget the man they turned on, the one who gave them their sweetest victory of the season, and just might have gotten them noticed in the BCS again. How is that for fan loyalty? I guess in the end, the issue remains unsettled, and friends across party lines (so to speak) gear up for another year of trash talking before this season is even put to bed. So it is to be a football fan in Alabama or wherever we reside.

Oh, and Brandon, just to show there are no hard feelings, I threw in an extra 100 or so words for good measure, I am sure you won’t mind. Besides, it saves you the trouble of counting. Happy forwarding!

P.S. Did anyone catch the national shout out to the defeat of my beloved Lions? They just can’t catch a break!

3 Responses to “2 Crushing Blows in 1 Weekend”

  1. Weezie Says:

    Even Brandon himself said to me (you know, when he called 2 seconds after the game ended) that if we would have played this game earlier in the season with Prothro, it would have been totally different.

    I also have to back Tommy Tuberville on this one. He SO showed out! Just two years ago, they were ready to run him out of town (I remember it all very well b/c his press conference almost bumped CSS’s segment on the news that I had booked MONTHS in advance–it did cut it short), and he follows that with a perfect season. Not to mention, as much as it nauseates me to say this, he beats Bama. Wes likes him too b/c when Tuberville first came to Auburn, he saw him out jogging and as he was going along, he was picking up trash on the campus. Also, he was in some little restaurant having breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and when he got up to leave, he saw Wes wearing his AU hat (as usual) and stopped by the table to shake his hand and say, “War Eagle.” When Wes told me the story, I thought he meant he was the dork who went up to Tuberville’s table! LOL

    Anyway, honestly, there isn’t much I can say. Bama didn’t show up to play and AU had Brodie’s number from the get-go. It sucks, but it’s true. I feel bad for Brodie b/c they kept showing that interview clip where he was talking about being remembered for making just one big play in the Iron Bowl, and now he’s going to be remembered for never beating AU and for getting sacked 11 times, bless his heart! Unfortunately for those of us who love Bama, Auburn was ready; we weren’t. But that’s OK, just give us time…we still went 9-2 which is not a bad thing and our two losses were to two damn good teams. (BTW–I think both Alabama and Auburn fans can agree on this one–I can’t stand LSU! Never have liked them, and never will.) Our time will come around again…


    P.S. I SO caught the “national shout out to the defeat of your beloved Lions!” I was like, “You must be kidding me!!!”

  2. Aimee Says:

    Down with LSU, they are the real enemy!!!

  3. Weezie Says:

    Yeah, them and USC–just mention those three letters in Auburn and see what happens!