Auburn Pride?

Would anyone else care for some humble pie?

So, the Iron Bowl did not go as I had hoped. Honestly, it was painful to watch. But, I have to say that Auburn showed up to play some serious football and that is exactly what they did. My husband and our friend who went to the game said that they were sitting by some Alabama fans who left before the first quarter was over. That is just wrong. I can’t stand “fair weather fans.” No, it’s not been easy to be an Alabama fan in recent years, but I have been and always will be because they are my team. If I’m around to celebrate a win, I have to be there too when we experience a heartbreaking loss. That’s what being a true fan is all about. Also, I think Mike Shula is one of the best things to happen to Alabama football in a while, so that only increases my support for them whether they win or lose.

My dear friend with whom I had the lunch wager called me out at the end of Mass yesterday morning! It was hilarious, but totally embarrassing. Still, it was all in good fun; and that’s really the whole point, isn’t it? Brandon called me immediately after the game and sang the Auburn fight song; then, proceeded to tell me again that I cannot post any retaliatory remarks regarding Aimee’s Ode to Auburn. Whatever, Brandon…I agreed to nothing!

My biggest problem is this: I am fully aware that this is not just an Auburn problem, but since it’s the one that applies as far as my experience goes, I have to comment on AU–what is the deal with all you people who claim to LOVE AUBURN SO MUCH, yet when I return on Monday morning following a home football game I’m wading through YOUR TRASH from your tailgate parties that started the Wednesday afternoon prior to the game? I’m not talking about the toilet paper from rolling Toomer’s Corner; I’m talking about plates, cups, food, bottles, etc. strewn all over this campus. Yeah, seems to me you have no pride in AU or yourself, for that matter. Don’t try to tell me it’s only from the opposing team’s fans either, because I don’t buy that for a second. (P.S. Shame on the opposing teams’ fans for trashing campus too; you have no pride in your team or yourself either–please, never come over to my house!) It’s cold and rainy and yucky outside today, and other human beings have to spend the entire day out in it cleaning up YOUR MESS. So, to the maintenance and clean-up crews: I’m sorry you have to clean up that mess, but it does not go unnoticed, and it is APPRECIATED.

I will now step down off the soapbox, but I do so with one last sentiment:

ROLL TIDE, anyway!

3 Responses to “Auburn Pride?”

  1. Aimee Says:

    You can’t retaliate against the stupidity they unleash upon themselves. Unfortunately, you are left living with the aftermath. I am not saying Tuscaloosa is a palace, but I think it should be. People have no account for their behavior anymore, and it is a sad state of affairs. I hate litter bugs; it is a huge pet peeve of mine. I am messy, but I don’t throw stuff on the ground and expect other people to clean it up for me. You know what else pisses me off? People who leave used Kleenex in church pews, on the ground, on restaurant tables, you know, pretty much anywhere they feel like it. Can you say gross?

    Oh yeah, and now that it is a new day…ROLL TIDE!!!

  2. Weezie Says:

    EEEEEWWWWW…used Kleenex…

    I heard Mr. Turkey say, “Gobble, gobble, gobble…soon ’twill be Thanksgiving Day…gobble, gobble, gobble. People say it is great fun, but I think that I shall run and hide until the day is done…GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE!”

    Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s eat! đŸ™‚

  3. Aimee Says:

    LOL…I love that song. I can still hear my mother teaching it to me.