Hello, My Name is Aimee, and I’m a Television Addict

Or if you prefer, couch potato…

I know, people are dying, the world sucks and all I think about is TV. I don’t mean to be selfish, but I am. I suppose I could say it is a character flaw. Or perhaps my own personal kryptonite? If it’s on TV, chances are, I have seen it and most probably became emotionally attached to it.

Case in point, those bastards at FOX cancelled one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Reunion! First of all I love the show, but even if it was the worst show ever conceived, the strategy doesn’t make sense. I am sick and tired of networks giving us episodic shows surrounding a central mystery and then not seeing them through. You want to know why people aren’t watching? There is your answer. In fact I hesitated to watch Veronica Mars last year because I read the premise of a season long mystery and was so disheartened by the endings of shows like The Pretender and John Doe, I just couldn’t bring myself to become invested in another show with no resolution. Thus began my downloading and 22 hour viewing obscession. Perhaps my hardened heart was weakened by UPN giving my girl another go ’round, but I decided to give the Fox exec’s another try this year. See what it got me? Pissed off, that’s what. I understand the numbers game, and I can totally get behind them not renewing a show like Reunion next year. It is definitely a concept piece, but in the same breath if you go with an idea for a show like 24 hours of one day over the course of an entire season, then you owe it to the show to see it through. At the very least, cancel it 2 episodes in; don’t get us hooked and promise us 20 episodes spanning 20 years leading to the resolution of the murder of a main character, and then pull it after 13!!! Now viewership will go down, and the exec’s will point to that to say they were right to pull the plug. All it really proves is you pissed off the fans, and we are not going to bother watching while you give us questions we know will never be answered. Take that Push, Nevada!

Meanwhile, I am suffering from Earl withdrawl. I need my weekly redneck fix coupled by the world’s funniest paper supply company. Instead we got a heaping helping of weight loss courtesy of The Biggest Loser. I should start by saying congraulations to all of the contestants (well almost all, 1 didn’t show up and 1 didn’t appear to lose any weight); they looked great. As a fat person myself, they almost inspired me to lose weight, but who am I kidding? I will never choose grilled veggies over pasta, and I am proud of it. Anyway, I was totally inspired (emotionally anyway) by their stories and the fact that most of them were genuinely nice human beings, especially Pete and Dr. Jeff. I was glad to see those who got voted out had really kept off the weight, and even more glad to see Pete (my favorite) win $100,000. I do find it funny that he lost the most weight (by percentage) out off all of the contestants, but couldn’t win the grand prize because he had been voted off. I predicted a win by Matt and as usual (haha) was right. I was really glad Seth didn’t win; I am sure he is a nice person and they just portrayed him as a dick sometimes, but he annoyed me. I always wanted to hate Suzy, but I always managed to like her anyway, so I was glad to see her win some prize money as well, although her biggest prize are those smokin’ hot guns she built. I would kill for arms like that. Madonna ain’t got nothin’ on her.

Lastly, my good friends at Fox delivered up the fall finale of Prison Break this week. Initially, I watched it because of the good online buzz, the incredibly fine Wentworth Miller, and the prospect of seeing my old buddy, John Doe aka Dominic Purcell, on TV again. Then it became a phenonmenon. Everybody’s talking about it; they all have a theory on when the actual “prision break” should occur. There are those who can’t believe it didn’t happen now. Those who don’t think it should happen at all. Those who think the show will “jump the shark” as soon as it does. And those fully expecting it at the end of this year’s season, whenever that is. A few weeks ago the rumor mill didn’t have the show returning again until May after 24 wraps up. Fans got wind of this, staged a revolt, and now it is scheduled to return in March. Guess it turned out to be a pretty good space keeper for 24’s time slot. Here’s hoping 24’s numbers don’t come in low. The ever intelligent Fox scheduling department might have to pull the plug mid season and replace it with an American Idol recap show since Simon Cowell just inked a deal to stay on another 5 years. Can I just say how played out that show is?! The fact that the cancellation of Reunion is linked in part to the rescheduling of that crap absolutely incenses me. All I can say is I hope everyone will join me in watching CSI instead of that suckfest and the rest of Fox’s Thursday night line-up. Yes, I mean you O.C. fan…you know who you are!!!

Ok, I totally lied, that wasn’t the last thing. I just read, Barbara Walters, on top of including creepy Tom Cruise on her annual list of most fascinating people chose Camilla Parker Bowles as the Most Fascinating Person of 2005. What the Taco Bell dog was busy? She never heard back from the director of FEMA? Seriously, I hear Robert Blake is available these days. I am beginning to think Babs might be smoking some medicinal mary j because this year’s list is seriously whack. Worse than her choice is the reason behind the choice, Camilla’s willingness to “stand by her man” cue Tammy Wynette. She actually referred to her as loyal and faithful and patient with her man. Hello loyal? As for patient, you’d have to be when you are both married to other people! Are you kidding me, I am supposed to find her fascinating for carrying on a 30 year affair in poor taste with the leader of her country? Just because she is too old to be considered a whore and things worked out for her because Charles finally decided to “make an honest woman out of her” doesn’t make her fascinating. It makes her extremely lucky if you can call it that. Some say fate smiled on their union and allowed them to get together. I think it proves fate has a sense of humor and what they say about there being someone for everyone must be true. At any rate it is not my place to judge her or her actions and that really isn’t the issue. My problem is with Barbara’s increasingly boring list. She seems to choose people most of us could care less about or are fascinated by in the same sense as we are a train wreck. If Time Magazine names Kanye West Person of the Year or A&E decides to chose Dakota Fanning as biography of the year, it qualifies as an epidemic. Did I mention she also chose Teri Hatcher and Michael Jackson’s attorney? WTF!!

3 Responses to “Hello, My Name is Aimee, and I’m a Television Addict”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Aimeee, thank you for saying so eloquently what I was thinking while I was watching the Barbara Walters Special.  I mean she did not even get a sit down with Camilla.  You speak the truth about Camilla and for that (and many other posts) you have my eternal respect. 

  2. Weezie Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, I know I already told you that this post cracked me up, but I wanted everyone else to know it too! Ha!

    I cannot express how frustrated I am with the fact that Reunion was canceled. It totally sucked the joy out of watching it last night–I don’t know what’s worse, playing into their crap by not watching it anymore so they can say they were right to cancel it or watching it anyway knowing that I won’t get to see the end. And yes, I take full responsiblity for being the O.C. fan. Seriously, it’s so not as good as it used to be and I can even skip an episode here and there and it won’t kill me like it would for some of my other shows, but I still watch it. P.S. I cannot stand American Idol. I will admit that I watched the first season, but by the time it was over, the show was already played out! I mean, how many times can one watch Simon Cowell tell someone they suck?

    Also, the Barbara Walters thing…there are so many things I could say, but I’m not going to. I didn’t watch it b/c when I saw her list of “Most Fascinating People” in the promos I was completely turned off and basically bored. I don’t want to know anything else about Tom Cruise.

    P.S. I watched the VM alternate ending and I described it to Patricia and we agree that we like the ending they aired better.

  3. barbarameagher Says:

    Regarding that wonderful actor DOMINIC PURCELL…………………

    Is that Dominic working as a dry cleaner in the Tide commercial?Sure lookslike him, but the flash is so short……..