3 posts in 1 day, that has got to be some kind of record…

…for me anyway.

I just had to jump back online to congratulate Time Magazine for naming Bono, and Bill and Melinda Gates as co-persons of the year. Way to be politically correct and timely all rolled into one! Seriously Camilla Parker Bowles was busy? A few years ago Time editors mentioned Osama Bin Laden had been considered for the Man of the Year title because it was not so much an honor as a reflection of who was on the minds of everyone. At the time, I would agree most people around the world were talking about or thinking about him at least in response to his actions. If this was their justification for including the unlikely choice, then why Bono? Or the Gatesí for that matter? Other than Bono, who is talking about him? No one likes to hear Bono talk more than Bono. I am not going to argue the merits of his actions, certainly he has done good and his ego has not suffered for it. What I am tired of is his attitude. He leads a rock band not a nation. I am glad he wants to help, and I appreciate celebrities using their status to give back, but if he wants to be a politician I suggest he take a cue from Arnold. I donít think the world would miss U2ís shitty new records (after all we have Coldplay for that) so Bono should have plenty of time to run for elected office in the country of his choosing. Well, provided they have elected governments, but I am sure he could find away to get appointed in those that donít. As for Time magazine, I wish they would throw journalistic integrity to the wind and hire Babs to write a very special cover story. They could rename the issue Wacko of the Year and in a surprise twist Tom Cruise would beat out Michael Jackson for the coveted title. Donít lie you would much rather read that issue. Aimee knows the real truth. Until then, I hear magazines make excellent kindling. Ok, I made that up…
At least I thought I did, Taine just corrected me and he assures me they do.

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  1. Weezie Says:

    This is completely random and off topic, but have you noticed how everyone is using the term “craptacular” lately? I’m sorry, but “craptastic” is so much better.