Spoiled Rotten

Yep, that’s me…I am such a brat. Don’t get me wrong, I could never be one of those girls on like, “My Super Sweet 16” or “Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl”. I’m not spoiled in a material sort of way; I’m just spoiled. Let me explain.

Last night, I had to go grocery shopping. I don’t mind it if I have a partner in crime. It’s so much more fun that way; as a matter of fact, I actually enjoy it when my husband and I go together. However, for some reason, I’ve been dreading it this time and have been trying to force myself to the store for about a week now. Also, I have been begging Wes to go with me, and he’s agreed to do so, but has put me off a few times (which is why it took a week for me to finally go).

So, Wes calls me yesterday and tells me, “Sorry, I have to work late. We can go after I get home later.” This was after calling me the night before to tell me that “the boys” were having a get together for the National Championship game and he REALLY wanted to go even though he’d promised to go grocery shopping. He also couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal–“It’s just grocery shopping…” he said. A girl knows better than that. I was like, “Are you kidding?! ER is new tonight (by the way I have commentary on that as well) and by the time you get home at 8:00, I will be comfy and cozy in front of the TV in my pajamas!” So, I left work last night and headed to the store in my 3 inch heels. Now, some would say, “Why wouldn’t you just run home and change?” The answer is simple–if I’d gotten home, I wouldn’t have left! So anyway, I walked around the store for an hour and a half pushing $150 worth of groceries around and totally stressing trying to stay within my budget.

Normally, Wes is the one who loads all the groceries into the car and brings them in when we get home. My part of the job is to put them away once we get into the house, which is great for me b/c it gives me a chance to organize (organizing is one of my favorite things to do–yes, I am Monica Gellar, “Crazy Plate Lady”). So, it took me five trips, in my 3 inch heels, down the “Drunk Man’s Gauntlet” which is the walkway to my house. It’s a slight hill with big, slippery, uneven stones–I’ve busted my butt more than once and I was sober! So, by the time I got into the house after all the loading and unloading, I was pretty pissed and swearing that I was going to kill my husband.

It was at this moment that I realized how spoiled I am. Boo freaking hoo–poor me, I actually have money to buy groceries; have a car to get me to and from the store; have a job to leave in the evenings and to go to every morning; have a home with with heat, electricity, etc.; have my health to be able to get out of bed every morning and walk around in my 3 inch heels; have a husband who would do just about anything for me and who came home and let me pout about his not going to the store with me…so spoiled…

Meanwhile, could ER (and everyone else, to be quite honest–have they talked about anything but abortion on West Wing this year? And, does anyone other than me still watch that show?!) be shoving the whole abortion issue down our throats any more than they were last night? I mean, really, give it a rest PLEASE. I’m glad they had Abby choose to keep the baby, obviously. But, that didn’t come without the usual take of PRO-LIFE (not “anti-choice” or “anti-abortion” which gives the connotation that the fact that we are PRO-LIFE is a negative thing) Christians as complete freaks on their way to blow up another abortion clinic. You know, what would really be “original” and “compelling” would be a TV show actually portraying those who are PRO-LIFE as normal human beings who are intelligent and rational, not ignorant and fanatical and straight up creepy. Newsflash: There are just as many creepy, ignorant, and irrational pro-choice folks out there as there are PRO-LIFE ones.

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