Since You’ve Been Gone

So, I have been gone for a while. My friends have abandoned me and I recently found out Carol thinks James Franco is “fugly”. How dare she speak about my future husband that way! Alright, I don’t have a shot in hell with him, but he did offer me a turkey sandwich from the craft services table when I accidentally wandered on “the set” when he was filming on the streets of New Orleans. Don’t worry, I’m not bragging; he doesn’t even know I am alive and I didn’t even have the foresight to steal the sandwich he was eating and offer it up on ebay. Course only Freaks and Geeks fans like me knew who he was back then. I had to keep telling passersby that he was awesome and they’d all be kicking themselves once Spider-man came out. Ok, apparently all but Carol.

Enough about yesteryear, I will catch you up on my life at the present moment. I turned 31, Jarrod turned 18, my newest great nephew, Nathan was born January 12th, I spent the better part of 5 days in Columbus, GA babysitting/spoiling/envying my great niece Juliana(see photo). Then her mother, Carol and I all had a Veronica Mars viewing/birthday party for me. Did I mention I got in a fight with my sister and made up with my other one? Ah family drama, but if you can manage a war with at least one family member it really cuts down on phone bills and present buying. It really is too bad I am going to have to crush my own sister like a bug though. If I had more time, I would explain why, but for now, suffice it to say I am right and Captain Asshole has officially converted her to the dark side.

I have so much catching up to do. I still haven’t seen Shannon, never caught up with Matt, have no idea what is going on with Greta, haven’t had Jim and his wife over for church, and the jury is still out on Mr. Soroka. Also Emily has a new boyfriend and I got to meet him; he seems very nice and not too shabby in the looks department either. As for my occasional guest, confidant and converted Veronica Mars Fan, Emilie, unlike some people, SHE has my back on this James Franco thing. I smell a new coauthor brewing!!!

Lastly, for those of you who say this blog is Veronica Mars obsessed, I will have you know others who run similar blogs and for some strange reason are perceived as better at it (probably because they have more than 10 faithful readers, but I love you guys) were surprised by Rob Thomas and flown to Neptune (err San Diego I presume) CA to go on set. I knew I should have gone to the AustinMarsathon for my birthday! ARGH! Alas, I probably had more fun in Columbus anyway. Seriously, how great has this season been? Love me some Wallace!!! And so grateful Logan is getting to speak again!!! Cheers…

Juliana and Aimee

2 Responses to “Since You’ve Been Gone”

  1. Weezie Says:

    …I can breathe for the first time…

  2. Weezie Says:

    OK, I take back the “fugly” James Franco comment. He’s not “fugly,” but he doesn’t do it for me. I did just see some good pics of him on So, not “fugly,” but not hot either.