Anybody wanna buy some snow?

It is February and it is snowing, Carol rescinded the “fugly” remark, and Logan and Veronica have returned to their snarky natures-ah, everything is right with the world again and I got a little bonus whipped cream on top of my sundae. Well, all right, not everything is right with the world my husband is out of town for his birthday, I’m still overweight, and NBC won’t shut up about their Turin coverage. That’s right, you heard me Turin. If I can call Paris “Paris” and not “Pari” then Turin it is. The worst part is they are only calling it Torino here because some marketing ass thought it sounded cooler. I know what the natives call it and guess what, I’m not a native, I’m a card carrying stupid American. Remember, we are brash and insensitive. We are busy trying to impose our ideals on everybody else. You’d think if we were so annoying and hypocritical, people would stop trying to come here, but guess what INS and the border patrols are still jumpin’, so either it is just me or a lot of you out there have a secret desire to be a stupid Americans, too.

Anyway, back on track. James Franco is hot! James Franco is Hot On that we can all agree, well almost all. Matt is still ignoring me, unless of course he has been in a horribly disfiguring accident and no one has informed me. I have weird dreams and apparently they are almost always going to involve my grade school nemesis, James Brodgen. No Brandon, they are NOT sexual in nature, although I have no doubt you can find a way to twist them that way. And no, he was NOT the subject of my previously described weird dream, but he does show up a lot. Which my mother used to say meant you were supposed to pray for them. I’m not discounting this theory, but why would God want me to pray for someone so much that He would randomly inspire me to incorporate a person I have not seen in at least 13 years into my bizarre dream world? Last night he was singing, ok and that is not a pretty sight. Actually, it was funny as hell, and I am seriously glad I remember it. Sadly I joined in the song in an effort to cheer up Kitty Sweeney. That part I wish I would have forgotten. But at least we all had a laugh marching down memory lane. I’ve got to get more fiber in my diet, or start taking vitamins or something. Maybe I should see Sylvia Browne, I’m not with her on the past life thing, but maybe she can get to the bottom of my mystery dreams.

Let’s take a vote, who wants Emilie Cooper to write something incredibly witty yet shockingly snarky for us?…I do!!! And let’s be honest the rest of your votes don’t count; this website is not a democracy. I’m just kidding…well, maybe.

So the Grammys were on last night and honestly I didn’t care for the most part, especially since Veronica Mars was also on. I was disappointed when I heard Madonna was opening the show because I am so over her and her theatrics. I was even more disappointed when I heard the opening was an animated duet featuring the Gorillaz (even though I dig that song). But I do have to say, “Damn, that woman has a smokin body”! If I looked that, I would wear a leotard everywhere I went. You know she could get away with it. I wish for one moment of one day, I looked half that tight, but then I’d definitely have to give it up because I would get seriously hungry and I really hate yoga.

Veronica rocked last night. How much do I love Wallace? And Beaver? And Mac? And Snark!!!! Logan was on fire last night even if he did get a haircut. Speaking of hair, is this kinder, gentler Uncle Eli with no facial hair and worse yet, hair, here to stay? I’m all for Weevil lovin’, but Francis, save us!!!! Shave your head and give us a little 5 o’clock shadow already! Oh, and Dick, watch your back hon, with Beaver and Mac teamed up, they will rule Neptune if not the world. Good thing for Veronica they both like her. And how great was Logan finishing up torturing the prime witness against him just in time to catch Dick making out with a shemale courtesy of the dream team. I love this show!!!

Tune in tomorrow as we discuss the meaning of “open 24 hours” and the “one day sale” because obviously there is some serious confusion about these terms.

5 Responses to “Anybody wanna buy some snow?”

  1. Weezie Says:

    I DO!!! I DO!!! That’s MY vote!

    Meanwhile, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s b/c I hate most of the crap-er, music and artists they are awarding! The Madonna thing is funny b/c it allegedly ticked off Mariah Carey who I loved when I was younger, but now…too much drama and too few clothes. I love those diva fights! LOL But, Green Day won one–they should have won album of the year b/c American Idiot is AMAZING! Also, Kelly Clarkson won a couple, which is cool, now that we’ve broken our Kelly Clarkson ban. I’m sorry, but Breakaway is a great CD. I love love love it! I never thought I’d be able to admit that to people, but as it turns out, numerous people I know have felt exactly the same way and we all own the CD! You don’t have to be ashamed to admit it–there are more of us out there!!!

    I have to agree 100% on the Madonna’s smokin’ hot body comment. I’m with you; if I looked like that, I’d wear a leotard everywhere too!

    I wouldn’t know how to comment on VM last night since someone I know kept me on the phone for the hour I was supposed to be watching it! 😉 Thank God for TIVO!

  2. Aimee Says:

    You had already missed it! I didn’t call DURING, I called AFTER. P.S. how bad did it suck not getting a preview of next week? Did anyone check out the live chat on today?

    SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD…Breakaway rocks. I have never been happier to break a ban. Thankfully I’d never ban Green Day and American Idiot won last year but certainly kicks ass. I heard the Mariah Carey thing too which is funny and even though I am over her as well, I will say she had more clothes on last night than Madonna at least when I saw her. She also had Lady Godiva extentions, but who’s counting.

    Why is Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me” still nominated and winning anything. I do love that song, but hello he sang it at Jubilee like what was that 3 years ago?

  3. Weezie Says:

    Good Lord, it did win last year, didn’t it? Wow, time flies when you’ve forgotten half a year of your life…

    You know with the whole Kelly Clarkson thing, I really wanted to like her on American Idol that first year, but she annoyed me. I did think she had a great voice though. Anyway, then her American Idol song was horrible and so was everything else–except that Low song, I liked it without realizing it was her at first–then Breakaway happened and I started liking every song she released. Then, I found out there were other people out there–just like me–and I learned that it was OK to like her and that’s when I bought the CD. Wow, what a journey…

    I know what you mean about the Keith Urban song too! I totally love that song, but I guess because it more recently caught on in the mainstream circuit; but even then, it’s been out FOREVER! It was like, 2 or 3 years ago…I can’t remember exactly, but either way–still old!

    And yes, we talked AFTER VM, but I was supposed to be watching it all over again b/c I’d missed the first half! No preview, no happy…I forgot about the live chat b/c I was super busy at work today. I know, I need to get my priorities straight…

  4. Aimee Says:

    I was home all day and I still didn’t check it out. I’ll just watch it next week when they post the link. I am too lazy to call. “Icetwin” aka “Snaggletooth” aka Troy is coming back. That ought to make Logan happy if Hannah sticking aroung doesn’t.

  5. Emily Says:

    Aimee! So glad I checked out your web-site since you actually updated it!!!! Loved the VM comments and recap- and the little plug for my boyfriend! I was bummed that KEANE didn’t win the Grammy award for Best New Performer….. But, that’s OK… Loved the pic of adorable Julianna, she is so cute!! (Get’s the looks from us Lunsford women, huh?) Gotta go watch the Opening of the Turin games- yes, I said Turin.