My Life Is Brilliant

You know I was mostly kidding about yesterday’s Torino mini rant, but something hysterical (to me anyway) happened as a result of it. I called my mother and as usual, she was busy yelling at everyone else in the house instead of actually listening to me. I used to hope becoming an adult would change that, but I guess it is nice to know it was just me all along. Anyway, I mentioned I had updated my blog and all of the sudden, interest. She’s curious what it says, so I start breaking it down for her real quick before Brian Williams says something else she hasn’t heard 12 times already on MSNBC. So I start with my Torino complaint and she is silent. I’m thinking what, did I offend her? And then she says, “I have no idea what you are talking about. They haven’t said anything about that on MSNBC”. I repeated my complaint about Turin being the Americanized version of Torino and it was all a marketing ploy to go with Torino. To which she added, “Are you crazy? I don’t even think they are the same place. The Olympics are being held where they found the Shroud? This is the first I have heard of it. You must be mistaken”. After I assured her that my blog wasn’t based on mindless rumor mongering and I did in fact base my rants on actual useless knowledge I had acquired (I don’t work for Star magazine you know.), she said she had to get off the phone to go and see if they were talking about any of this on MSNBC. Really mom? You can’t take my word for it? I know Lester Holt is a pretty reliable guy and all but for God’s sake, you birthed me! So to all of you out there, I did not make up any of my facts. Turin is indeed Torino and yes they found the Shroud there and no I highly doubt most Americans have any idea they are the same place or furthermore what country it is in. My sarcasm and thus my anger lies in the fact that though I believe we should refer to the host city by its actual name; I believe we should do it out of respect for the host city and their culture, not because we can hock more t-shirts and boost NBC’s ratings.

I’ll be back with my aforementioned rant for the day. For some strange reason my husband is really looking forward to it. Guess I know what gets in his craw.

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