Lame Storylines, Lame Country Music, and Other Random Wonderings…

Since when is Bon Jovi country?  I guess since they became BFF with Sugarland, but it annoys me greatly.  I hate that song they are playing to death right now!

Why, when I was watching Days of Our Lives last week on my lunch break did I feel this sense of deja vu when I saw Bo running through the airport trying to stop Hope from leaving?  I swear, didn’t we see that with Bo & Billie when it was Robert Kelker Kelly and Lisa Rinna?  I’m just sayin’…that show is so played out and I cannot remember the last original storyline they had.  Wouldn’t it be novel if Mimi actually told Shaun that Clare is his rather than doing the usual soap opera bit of keeping it a secret that she goes on and on and on about in her head until finally, what seems like a million years from now when the baby has rapidly aged 15 years and Shaun and Belle’s child is now the same age as they are and he figures it out and hates her for not telling him?  Don’t even get me started on the fact that Shaun and Belle aren’t the same age either…that’s a whole other rant…I’m just sayin’…

My post sounds mean and crabby, though I don’t mean for it to.  These are just some things I’ve been wondering about lately…

My biggest question is this:  Why are boys the way they are?  Why is it that when a girl likes a boy and he likes her, then he suddenly decides he doesn’t like her anymore, instead of staying the hell away from the girl, he pops up out of nowhere to torture her?  I mean, how many times have you been in that position where you liked a boy more than he liked you, then he ditched you, then just when you’ve finally gotten to that point where you are over him, he comes back into your life AND to make matters worse, he flirts with you, though he knows he has no intention of having it go anywhere?  What is that about?  Is it some sick ego stroke?  I guess if we girls would force ourselves not to take the bait–even though we super want to–then the boys wouldn’t get the satisfaction of just messing with us because they can.  Seriously, I just wish a boy would explain that to me.  I’ve asked my husband, but his answer did not make sense to me, which itself would make sense considering the fact that girls don’t get boys and boys DEFINITELY don’t get girls…seriously…I just don’t get it…

Finally, I’d love to comment on how boring the Oscars were because they were, but–well, actually, that pretty much covers it right there.  They were boring.  But, I’m super stoked that Reese Witherspoon won! 

Seriously, thank God Grey’s is back next week!

4 Responses to “Lame Storylines, Lame Country Music, and Other Random Wonderings…”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Okay, is the boy comment directed at me? I’m not taking the bait, I’m thinking of offering it. But, in a way is offering the bait, taking the bait. I think that is one of the great mysteries. I can hear the words coming out of your mouth and I can read them on the page, but I’m still fighting those nasty urges. I hate boys! The bottom line is, girls have to stick together because we don’t know what in the hell they are saying or why in the crap they do what they do.

  2. Weezie Says:

    Guilty conscience much? No, it wasn’t directed at you; however, your situation is what made me rant about it. Offering the bait is SO taking the bait, my friend. I’m still waiting for a good explanation…

  3. Emilie Says:

    I have a guilty conscience all the time. Thanks for having my back and ranting about the stupidity of boys. There is no explanation, let alone a good explanation except to say that I’m a girl and sometimes he feels good and/or right.

  4. Aimee Says:

    I have been Days free for almost a week and I am feeling good. It seems I am not missing much. I have a feeling I could wait past several Lenten season and still be able to catch up. At least rumor has it Orpheus is the latest master of the latest plot to break up John and Marlena, not Stefano or one of his evil children. Admittedly, it would be fun for it to have been Kristen, but I just couldn’t take going there. Knowing JERk as we do, we all know how the story would end because we already saw it in 1993 (round about).

    As for Bon Jovi’s horrible country song, well, nough said.

    Although I do agree boys suck in general and are tres confusing, I can honestly say for the first time since I started this blog I have no idea WTF you people are talking about. Cryptic much? Please, I spill all the beans, except those you forbid me to spill. I will even go on record now saying I dreamed about Mike Varnadore 2 nights ago. Um, hello, random much? What the crap? Where did he come from. And no Brandon it wasn’t a sex dream!!!