Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

As most of you know, I have a teensy weensy problem with depression. Although this serves as a public journal of my private thoughts and opinions, I do take into consideration (usually) my readers. I can’t bear to be remembered by the thoughts I have in my darkest hours. Many of you often remark about the dry spells I have in writing, sometimes I am simply too busy, but often I am also trying to spare you the woe is me, nobody loves me tirades. I experience all of the same feelings of desperation and inadequacy most of you feel, but often it is coupled with dark thoughts, not just of self doubt but also painful doubts about those around me. Perhaps in these instances my silences are golden. At least I can vouch for the research indicating these conditions are made worse by the short days of winter and lack of sunlight for I certainly experience these spells more frequently during these trying months. Now that spring is fast approaching, there is a new hope in the air. I will try to do better from now on. Hey, all you really missed is my ardent desire to have a 19th century British lover. But now that I have thought about it and considered the lack of proper oral hygiene, indoor plumbing and most importantly showers, I have reconsidered the idea altogether. Not to mention there was no TV, no electricity, and no internet, I could have been bored to death.

So, Matty started his fancy new job today. Props go out to him even though apparently he is no longer speaking to me. Taine and I are making plans for the annual USITT conference this year it takes place in Louisville, KY. I have no idea what I am going to do there, but the hotel has a weight room and I will have the car plus it has got to be warmer than here. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated, drop me a line or comment here. Personally I want to go to Nashville to see Nashville Star live. I love Wynonna (and Cowboy Troy is alright I guess) plus NS is way better than that steaming pile of crap aka American Idol.

While I am randomly escorting you through the trappings of my brain, let me catch you up on a few interesting Ohio tidbits I have learned over the past couple of weeks. In the state of Ohio, you can be sited for DUI 10, 11, 12 heck even 13 times and as long as you don’t kill anyone, oh well. There is no jail time, no confiscation of your vehicle, no mandatory detox, just a fine and loosely enforced points on your license/revocation policy. Try driving away from a gas station without paying for your tank of gas. That is immediate forfeiture of your license and up to 1 year in prison. So bottom line: drive drunk until you kill someone, but for the love of god pay for your gasoline. Another interesting tidbit, the city council of a nearby town is considering passing local legislation (city ordinance) limiting the number of vicious animals one owner can have. Ok, I will wait while you reread that sentence………….That is right, I said limiting not outlawing. At present there is no law limiting the number of animals who have attacked people (not just those who are a potential threat to attack like random pit bull laws etc.), so city council passed an ordinance limiting all residents to owning just one vicious animal each. I don’t know about you folks, but where I’m from, you shoot an animal if it is attacking you, you don’t give its owner a license to keep it. Now I know this is probably a stretch, but say someone already owns 2 dogs that have attacked others in the past. What the hell are they supposed to do with the other dog now that this law is in effect? I know shoot it, but seriously. I guess as long as the owner is married, no problem. The law doesn’t specify one per household just one per person which is a Jeff Foxworthy joke waiting to happen. Well, that concludes our “stupid Ohio laws” portion of today’s installment. Tune in next time when we discuss High School Hijinx: When Pranks Go Bad or Wait a Minute, Am I Driving Wonder Woman’s Car: The Invisible Road Warrior’s Guide to Public Safety. Until then, this has been Aimee Gilliam for Live ACTION News now with a Super Doppler 5000 Weather Pen tracking the storms you want to know about, when you want to know about them, right down to your neighborhood.

Ok, so enough about that crap, I’m trumping Carol and discussing last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. In a nutshell, I found it boring. I know blasphemy, but before you berate me, just listen. First I have to say, poor Teddy Dunn. He was more interesting in the 10 minutes of screen time he had last night than the entire year and a half long run he got on Veronica Mars. Unfortunately, he was once again playing an idiot and I am not completely convinced he is a better actor than he gets credit for, but it was nice to see him in a role where he wasn’t brooding and somber. Second Natalie Cole is 56!? “Damn, I repeat, damn”. Third, Meredith is right, it takes two to tango George has some owning up to do. However, Meredith is wrong and this just friends thing with McDreamy is cheap and it is going to blow up in her face. I know they both just want to be in each other’s lives, but that is the problem; they both want to be in each other’s lives. That attitude certainly isn’t good for Meredith in her emotional state and it damn sure isn’t going to fix Derek’s marriage. But I do hope all you men and women were listening to the lesson being drilled into us. Pay attention in your marriage. Be vigilant in asking and listening to your partner’s feelings. And cherish each other because break ups are 50/50, but knowing that won’t buy you back any time with the one you love. Lastly, we get it; Cristina has no maternal instinct; she is not loving at least not in the touchy feely sort of way. She is the polar opposite of Burke and that is why they work. Stop beating us over the head with it, or she will become a caricature instead of a complex and hysterical character. Ok, I lied, one last thing. Am I the only one who thought, oh poor Felicity when George cut off all his hair? I think she got a bum rap, but it was nice to see a man shedding his locks for once and it helped explain why T.R. Knight has been hiding his haircut lately. Personally I like it longer, but much like Felicity, I will see the emotional reasoning for the choice and get over it. You won’t find any boycotts over hair on my account. That’s all for now. Until next time…Cheers!

Random Household Hint: If you get diarrhea, it is a good idea to reach for the pink stuff; however, if you are painting your house, just say NO.

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