Mac N Cheese

I got the new TV Guide in the mail yesterday and to my great pleasure, the cover featured my beloved George aka T.R. Knight. For the record, I rescind my previous statement that I preferred his hair long. He looked so cute! My biggest complaint is how blatantly the pictures used in magazines are airbrushed and retouched. I know it has been going on for years starting with photographing stars under pleasing light conditions and from flattering angles. Even the beginning stages of airbrushing weren’t so bad, but now it is just out of control. A few years ago one of the women’s magazines (Redbook) actually featured a photo-shopped cover with Jennifer Aniston’s head on a similar body type because they claimed they didn’t have money or the time to shoot a new cover. Too bad Jennifer told everyone it wasn’t her or at least all of her and they didn’t ask her permission to use a stock photo of her head for the cover. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want to see my favorite celebrities in the rough with greasy hair and pimples or cross-eyed (don’t make me bring back that infamous Angelina Jolie photo), but I would like them to look like it is possible they are humans and not just computer generated creations. What is the point of natural beauty if you don’t need it? The funny part to me is when they (in this case TV Guide) airbrush the cover photo (like last week’s cover featuring Cold Case) then include candid shots later in the magazine which are not retouched. I like to play match the actor with the cover model. That objection aside, I loved the picture and article, so check it out. And in TV Guide’s defense they certainly aren’t the only ones retouching covers; they aren’t even the worst offenders.

Now on to Roni, after a 6 week absence that felt like a year, we were finally treated to a new episode. Overall, I was a little disappointed, but mostly because UPN hyped it up so much, and it was scheduled to air 6 weeks ago. It wasn’t nearly as revealing as they made it out to be. It was however nice to see Logan in action. I kind of feel a little sorry for Hannah; he is playing her like a fiddle. I thought for a minute she might catch on, but she is just too blinded by his hotness. Seriously, I wouldn’t care if he was using me or not as long as I got to make out with him. He sure likes his secret relationships doesn’t he? I love that Veronica is on to him, and even more that she stopped dead in her tracks when Mac told her who Hannah’s father is. Here’s hoping Mac goes to college with Veronica. I love her! As an added bonus maybe Beaver…err Cassidy can come and visit her. As for Roni being “rich dude kryptonite”, first, hi-larious; second, Dick err Reeshard should be so lucky. On the subject of hilarious one-liners, Corny being a “master baiter” was priceless, and I am convinced the entire B-plot was written for that line alone. One question, where the crap was Wallace? I know V and Jackie went to his basketball game, but seriously couldn’t he get a little on screen love? I mean no one loves Logan more than me, but Wallace is Roni’s best friend; he should be in most if not all episodes! Also, was it just me or did I miss something, I thought Veronica wanted to ride the bus as part of her plan to uncover the blackmailer? Was something actually wrong with her car or was she just being nice to Jackie or using her as a result of the current high gas prices since it was obviously an away game? I realize it sets up the big reveal at the end nicely, but it seemed odd. Maybe I should rewatch that part, sometimes things are so much clearer the second time around. I actually have an idea why they brought it up based on spoilers I read a long time ago, but I won’t theorize for those who object (you know who you are). So does anyone actually think for one second Terrence Cook is guilty? Someone is obviously setting him up; Papa Mars’ spidey sense is never wrong, besides that would be one lame reveal. I am still hoping for Weevil, but the fans would go nuts and it doesn’t really seem like his style. Still, I think it would be fun, and I just don’t see Logan as the culprit, again fan revolt, anyone? I guess I am just hoping for something more interesting than just the Fitzpatricks or Woody Goodman, mostly because we don’t really know them or care, so unless it is more involved, BORING. Don’t worry, I have way more faith in Rob Thomas than that lame ass solution. On the up side, 8 more new episodes in a row, so no interruptions and next week marks the return of my favorite, Cliff (!!!) and apparently crazy Haaron!!!!

Well, that is all I have time for. I have to go buy pickled herring for an old woman. Gross. So until next time…Cheers!

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