Jeopardy fans know this word describes a category that is random at best, but always fact filled. Welcome to today’s post. I am throwing several subjects together in order to address them in a somewhat timely manner. Most of you know I am headed to Louisville tomorrow, so you won’t hear from me until next week. I can’t even get one member of my lousy family to meet me in Nashville on Thursday to go shopping, so I guess I will have to fly solo yet again 😉 ! I forgive all you people with jobs!

Ok, so first off a few brief comments on Veronica Mars. Those of you, who are not fans, don’t panic. When I said potpourri, I meant it. I want to clarify the time change I addressed earlier, VM is moving back to its old time slot on Tuesday nights, but not until April 11th. Be sure and make a note, so you don’t miss it. Speaking of missing it, I did miss the beginning of Saturday night’s episode which was the result of the local affiliate’s preemption. Not to worry, the show re-airs on Sunday, right? Well, yes and no. Sunday’s Cavs’ game ran long and they wouldn’t want to disappoint their paid programming cash cow aka Winsor Pilates (which sadly I own), so they showed the infomercial for the first half of Veronica’s re-airing! ARG! So, in a nutshell, I was pissed, but also extremely happy as this episode although riddled with a boring B plot was filled with my favorite characters sans Mac, AND there was a little hope for LoVe! Beaver…err…Cassidy is my hero! Charisma is going down, and the Beav is behind it; I can feel it! Speaking of which how gross and creepy was Crazy Haaron when Kendall visited him in jail? I thought Abel Koontz gave me the willies! You know I love me some Logan, but how great was Cliff? He’s like Matlock and Dan Fielding all rolled into one. Alright, more Dan than Ben, but anyway I loved how he told Logan no one liked him and what an ass he was. Sad, but true and it made me laugh out loud! And Wallace was back on the case, thank goodness. Percy better be signed on for next year and I hope he likes the basketball program at Hearst College cause he better be accompanying V. This episode even had lovable Vinnie Vanlowe! He is so over the top it is almost too much, but he manages to pull it down just enough to keep him hysterical.

Ok, topic jumping just like I promised, sort of. Does anyone else read EW? Most of you know it is my second bible. Stephen King writes a monthly column for them which gets better every time it appears. This week’s issue features an excellent confession by the author and former avid reader as he owns up to being a TV slut just like me. He was brought down by my beloved favorites, Veronica Mars, 24, The Shield, Lost and a couple more I probably should watch but don’t, Battlestar Galactica and The Sopranos. He insists his condition could be worse as he has not fallen under the spell of Dick Wolf’s Law and Order Trilogy or Jerry Bruckheimer’s CSI trifecta. I suppose he is right; after all, there are a few more shows on my slutty list. At any rate, the column is great, so check it out.

On to the matter of political dissent, I did something I almost never do the other day, and that was give voice to a cause I don’t believe in. I posted a link to a video I think is bullshit, mostly because it is so radical and over the top I didn’t think I could explain it thoroughly. Plus seeing is believing, right? Anyway, I have to tell something funny even though I probably shouldn’t give the proponents the time of day. I went to the Post Office the other day to mail those letters to my siblings. Outside there was a table set up with fliers on top held down by rocks and pieces of broken concrete. A woman stood behind the table and a man in front both holding homemade signs reading “Impeach Cheney”. They had cornered a middle-aged black man with a rather heavy postal bin in his hands. They were going on and on about injustice and Cheney. I am personally in my car thinking, “Cheney? Really? It is freezing outside, and you are wasting your time at the Post Office of all places for a man who is the equivalent of Dan Quayle and Al Gore? Shouldn’t you be downtown or somewhere where people who might actually care are located? Me and this guy could give a crap we are just trying to mail something. Organize a protest against the Postmaster General and maybe we can talk”. I get out of my car and head inside trying not to make eye contact with the freaks because although I don’t agree with them or their chosen locale they have a Constitutional right to be there. The man calls out to me as if my ignoring wasn’t a clear sign I did not support their mission, “Hey, do you want to impeach Cheney?” “Not particularly,” I called back and went inside. When I had finished my business, I came back outside. I noticed several people were walking around to the other entrance to avoid passing them, but an elderly black woman passed by the table now occupied by only the female representative of the group, the male having vanished. The woman was calling out to the old lady about impeaching Cheney. The old lady stopped short and looked her in the eye. She said, “I didn’t want them to impeach Clinton, and I don’t want them to impeach Cheney either. That’s just dumb.” I laughed so hard as I headed back to my car, in part because of the situation and in part because all I could hear in my head was my nephew quoting “Anchorman” in his best Will Ferrell impersonation. Priceless!

I don’t know if any of you caught Dateline NBC last night, but Michael Schiavo was on with his wife giving his side of the story. I McPuked a little and left the room. He is unbelievable. At least 60 Minutes (which I only saw because Cold Case was delayed) featured my favorite witch, Tiger Woods. He is sick (in a good way)! I love him and his cocky ass attitude. Earl Woods drilled him into being a superstar and he isn’t bitter, but he is honest. He readily admits he wants to kick everyone’s ass at everything. A man after my own heart. As for the flack he gets for not winning while in the process of adjusting his swing, I will leave you with this; as an athlete, try competing in the Olympics four years from now with the same routine and see if you can still medal. He must adapt or the field will leave him behind. He who doesn’t evolve becomes obsolete.

Lastly, a big shout out goes to me for losing 10 lbs. this month! Yea, me!!! Granted this would be a bigger accomplishment if I hadn’t gained 30, but still, I rock. Thank you, Lord for the strength and motivation I have had this Lenten Season. Until next week, Weezie’s in charge, and I am still waiting for her to own up to her embarrassing past misconceptions…Cheers!

P.S. Since Carol hasn’t commented yet, I decided to throw her a bone, since she is jonesing for some soap opera scoop…Let me get this straight, Fr. John Black is going to shoot someone in the head at St. Luke’s to stop a wedding? Why didn’t Shawn think of that when he crashed his bike through the church window? At least neither of us watches Passions anymore, not only is Luis back from the dead, Sr. Whitney is flogging herself in reparation for her sins and is being stalked by a mad monk with a vendetta that involves killing poor blind Fr. Jansen. Alas, the things I miss…NOT!

2 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Weezie Says:

    Not jonesing for scoop; jonesing for someone to accompany me in bitching about it! 😉 Passions has a Fr. Jansen too? Please, don’t be too creative there…of course, this is coming from the same person who hasn’t written an original storyline in my lifetime…
    Can I come meet you in Nashville? You can live at my house until Jarrod’s graduation! Or, we could have a slumber party at Grandma’s! LOL

  2. Aimee Says:

    My bad, it is Fr. Lonigan over there; I was just speaking in general terms. Guess I wasn’t clear or confused as usual.

    Heck yes you can meet me in Nashville; I have been trying to get someone to meet me there all week. Funny, you waited until it was too late to reply! Anyway, I will be there soon enough I suppose.

    Don’t you hate when you go to a movie (or a play) and they tell you exactly what is going to happen at the very beginning and then people sitting beside you are shocked by the conclusion like Romeo and Juliet, or American Beauty or most recently Inside Man? It never ceases to amaze me.