A Random Thought to Ponder

If I am a natural born smart ass and I married a smart ass which admittedly is better than marrying a dumb ass, will I give birth to an uber ass or do two smart asses cancel each other out? Thoughts?

Oh and if Katie Couric moves to CBS and nobody watches, does anyone care? Right, stupid question, no one cares now. Maybe Pepper Dennis could take over her spot on The Today Show; I hear no one watched that show either.

One Response to “A Random Thought to Ponder”

  1. Emilie Says:

    I vote for the birth of an uber ass. That would be the best case scenario. You could have a genetic abnormality and have a kid without any sarcastic bone in its body. You know, not the dumb ones, but one of those people who is genuinely nice without even having to take in a deep breath and try really hard to be nice. Then, the kid would look at you with “the look” everytime you made a snarky, yet spot on, comment. I hate when kids can make you feel bad. Of course these are just my thoughts. See what everyone else has to say.