Keeping up with the Joneses or Nelsons, whichever

I hate to follow Carol’s thoughtful and inspiring post with hateful gossip, but that is the apparent nature of this site. We go through great moments of piety and then shoot it down with idle chatter. I guess everyone is sort of on a moral rollercoaster; we keep trying to do the right thing but sin and selfishness turn us back. Yes well, on we go.

First, on a serious note my father has taken ill and is not doing very well although he is well enough not to be in the hospital. I don’t believe this is the end for him, but my mother is very afraid. I am choosing to trust in the Lord and delay panicking until after he gets more tests on Thursday. In the mean time, I would consider it a great personal favor if you all would say a prayer for him. As for my mom being upset with you, Carol, last I heard she was going to Hanceville herself on Sunday, but I am sure she was glad to be at home where she noticed the problem with my dad’s medication. All she said about it was, “yeah that little turkey went last year without telling me either”. LOL {Hoar, WTF LMBO}

Now to the morally ambiguous task at hand, last week Denise Richards entered some pretty salacious accusations against Charlie Sheen into the court record. Knowing Charlie’s history, I can’t say I was entirely shocked at the nature of the accusations, but I did find them conveniently timed and rather lacking in credible evidence. On a believability scale of 1-10, I would have given her account maybe a 6 or possibly a 7 until yesterday. It seems after leveling these scandalous accusations against her children’s father, she decided to spend the weekend with her best friend’s soon to be ex-husband. Ah, there we go casting stones again. Apparently Heather and Denise are BFFs no longer and rumor has it the infamous pictures that brought down the Sambora Locklear marriage were of Ms. Richards. I can’t prove that, and I don’t know if anyone other than Heather can for certain, but her friends sure seem ready to. All I know is I wouldn’t take a cheap shot at my soon to be ex-husband and then appear all cozy and suck face with my best-friend’s husband the next day. It also should be noted that Richie and Denise were apparently an item back when she was allegedly trying to reconcile with the monster. And BTW if he is so horrible and didn’t want Sam in the first place and told her to get an abortion, why stay with him and have another baby? If he really did/does all of the things she accuses him of, then why is she so surprised his behavior has not changed? Her current credibility, I’d say about a 2. As for her allegations, I am not saying they aren’t true at least in part, nor am I nominating Charlie Sheen for sainthood, but I am saying people can say things and context and perception are major factors. I have told my husband I was going to kill him before and we were both laughing at the time. Did I seriously mean I was going to murder him? Of course not. Could he say under oath that I said that? Yes. Could I deny it? No. Is it fair to say I threatened his life? Clearly not. Perhaps this is not the case here, I didn’t get to witness the events transpire, but I do know enough about relationships to know that we tell our own side of the story in the best light. That is why relationship experts say you shouldn’t talk to your parents about your spouse because you only repeat the bad things they do when you are angry with them, and seldom give praise when they do something nice, so the perception of your spouse is often skewed. Right or wrong, in this culture perception = reality, especially in Hollywood.

Speaking of which, one more random question, why do so many people watch American Crapfest errrr Idol and not Nashville Star? The talent is by far superior on NS. Is it because mainstream media doesn’t focus attention on it or perhaps because it is on USA and people are too lazy to push that many buttons on the remote? People seem to find Monk and The Closer, so surely USA is accessible. What gives?

Well, I gotta run. Until tomorrow…Cheers!

Totally inappropriate random unsubstantiated factoid I read on a message board: Denise Richards got her start in the business as one of Heidi Fleiss’ girls. Probably completely untrue, but still I find it amusing. Lastly those comments on the Richie and Denise link above had me in tears with laughter. I know it is a tabloid but that is some crazy stuff.

Ok, I know I said lastly, but Britney is preggers again, or so says this article? More on that later, but why can’t they just leave her alone? And more importantly, why is it people like K-fed are always so fertile when others try for years just to have one? And why don’t I ever get any good mail?

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  1. Weezie Says:

    I know, “hoar”–that’s some funny stuff! It was actually one of my friends who was writing on the bleachers about a girl we didn’t like–I heard about it later, and of course, made fun of it. That was a running joke for a while! It just popped into my head yesterday when the phone was ringing and I was waiting to leave you a message and I thought it would be funny, just like telling you about “When I See You Smile” and Amanda and Evan on AW. Yuck! Still creeps me out…