Ding, Dong…Avon…err…God Calling

Have you seen the commercials for Avon’s new Instant Manicure? It looks freaky and I highly doubt it will actually last 14 days! I do secretly want to try it though!

Do you know they are still going on and on about Amy Fisher on ET? Seriosly everyday they have a new exclusive tidbit about her and that ass Joey Buttafuoco. Today Amy’s new husband is going to threaten to beat his ass (I wish someone would; he is such a liar!) and Mary Jo is going to speak. Enough already, I didn’t care then and I really don’t care now. How’s that anonymity treating you Liz?

I have learned there is a downside to using your driveway as a workshop: Jehovah’s Witnesses. They came by this morning while I was sanding off the finish I just spent two days applying to my mom’s Mother’s Day present. Anyway, the man decided I was obviously a helpless woman and he should suggest I consult a professional. He asked me if I had ever heard of Sherwin Williams or considered using rollable paint or if I was aware there is a Home Depot across the street. You have no idea how hard it was to avoid giving a seriously snarky if not profanity riddled response. Trust me, you think you know, but you’re wrong. I am more than a little bit stressed at the moment. Then the woman asked if we could have a brief bible study. Thankfully she just wanted to read me a small chapter out of the Bible. They both promised to stop by again when I wasn’t so busy. Um, yea!


The countdown to the final episode of season 2 of Veronica Mars is on. I can hardly contain myself. Spoilers and speculation are rampant, but I am trying to avoid any clues to the final big reveal. I love this show! Roni is graduating! I am going to miss the hallowed halls of Neptune High. Sniff, sniff! I did find out the season 2 DVD is set for release on August 15th! This bodes well for renewal on the CW network and a big season 3! Keep your fingers crossed.

I hope today’s post was random enough for ya. I am swamped, so that is it for me. Until next time…Cheers!

4 Responses to “Ding, Dong…Avon…err…God Calling”

  1. Weezie Says:

    This is me not leaving you hanging…

    No comment on “Liz.” But, I never know when the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons come by if I should tell them that I’m Catholic or not. Sometimes it will make them leave, but sometimes it will make them stay. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be hateful, but I hate for them to waste their time on me b/c nothing they tell me can change anything. I will never be anything but Catholic and that’s that.

    I’m dying thinking about Veronica. I’m excited for the finale, but it’s bittersweet b/c then we’ll have to live through the summer without new episodes and I really hate that. I am ready for that (or those) scream at the TV moment(s), though!

    Good luck with the painting project!

  2. Daniel Haszard Says:

    I was born 1957 a Jehovah’s Witness 3rd generation and got out of the cult when i was 33 years old.Don’t feel bad about turning them away as they are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’.Sincerely,Danny Haszard

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