It’s raining; it’s pouring; I wish I was snoring!

Another dismal day on the North Coast, but at least it’s not hot. There is so much to get to today: gossip, snarkiness, break-ups, rumors, oh and what it is like to stay in a cloistered convent and drive three nuns across country. So which do you want first, the sinly ways of the world or the path to eternal salvation? Good answer, I will start you down the right path where you go from there is entirely up to you…

Driving three nuns across country is surprisingly refreshing. It is even kind of freeing in a way. I definitely felt more holy, but in case you are wondering, it is pretty much like driving anyone else around except we sang our own music. Sure there were rosaries and prayers, but it wasn’t all about that. We talked about normal things, ate normal things, did normal road-trip things-nothing altogether spectacular. I did get to see Mother Angelica and I was allowed more freedom than I would be under normal circumstances because I was accompanying them, but mostly I was just respected and loved. We could all use more of that in our lives, personally I was kind of hoping God would let me drive nuns around more often. I certainly behave better and am more tolerant. As for sleeping in the guest room of a convent, I am not sure there is anything more boring, but the food is amazing. Carol and I once proclaimed we could not replicate Sr. Ruth Marie’s chocolate chip cookie recipe because we were simply missing the prime ingredient, Jesus Love, which apparently applies to all foods made by nuns. I even loved Mother Vicar’s angel food cake, and if you know me, you know I normally hate angel food cake. Too bad you weren’t there to witness me eating my words. Bottom-line, if you ever get called to duty to help out some sisters, I highly recommend you accept the mission; it was well worth it.

Now on to the less spiritually motivated topics…Apparently one of my favorite actors and fellow bloggers, Zach Braff, has ended his relationship with Mandy Moore. Some say he is a big fat cheater, others say the age difference simply caught up with them, I say the less I know the better. I refuse to ruin another of my Hollywood love affairs by learning the truth. The truth is most celebrities are supremely annoying egotists and I try to avoid acknowledging it!

Patch is back on Days of Our Lives and I couldn’t be happier! Not to mention they have just landed a new head writer, so JERk is OUT!!! I did read some interesting new info, it seems Patch and Kayla’s daughter Stephanie is a race car driver and shares a past with EJ. Hum? I was kind of hoping EJ could tame Sami because I am so over Austin and Lucas. From the sound of things, I am going to be over Patch and Kayla soon since he doesn’t remember her or their love. As for Passions it is now completely unwatchable and I officially throw in the towel. That is the last you will hear from me on the subject; besides, I have a new love…Charmed reruns! I heart TNT. P.S. if you are not watching The Closer, you should be!

Lastly, all you Ghost Whisperer fans with hopes for Aisha Tyler’s return can get out your Kleenex boxes again; she will not be returning to the show this fall. TV Guide indicates Melinda is getting a new confidante, and it may be Camryn Manheim. If you believe the rest of the story, her husband is on the way out as well. This part would truly sadden me; I like Jim and CBS already ditched the husband on Close to Home, so it seems like an all out assault on the profession! Perhaps some sources got confused, but it doesn’t seem likely. All we can do is see how this plays out in the fall. I have already heard two conflicting stories about VM; one has her with Logan all year, the other gives her a new boyfriend at college. Time will tell. In the mean time, Carol and I are cooking up a super bitchy rant on road construction, bad hair cuts and things that just generally piss us off, so make sure and meet us back here tomorrow with your spoon and 5 lb. tub of chocolate chip cookie dough to join in the fun. Until next time…Cheers!

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