Wish you were here

So, I’m kind of pissy today.  Not sure why, I just woke up that way.  I figured this was a good place to just ramble mindlessly about stuff while I’m in my pissy mood.  So, here goes…

If Philip on Days calls that unborn baby a clump of cells again, I’m going to go postal.  It pissed me off the first time, but then he said it again today!  WTF?!  Please stop trying to lie to people and push this BS agenda regarding abortion.  Why do we mourn a baby when a woman suffers a miscarriage, but when she has an abortion, we decide it wasn’t a baby anyway?  How is that logical?  WTF?!  See, I told you I was pissy…

So, I never posted about “THE ANNIVERSARY”.  June 28th came so quickly; I still cannot believe he’s been gone more than a year now.  I still miss him.  I wonder if somewhere down the road it won’t hurt anymore?  An old friend of mine died in a car accident 11 yrs. ago, and I never thought I’d get over it, but I did.  Life has gone on.  I still think about him sometimes, but it’s not with sadness.  I just remember the good times we had.  I wonder if I will ever get to that point with Michael?

Anyway, the 28th itself ended up being a pretty amazing day.  I was truly dreading it, but somehow by God’s grace, it was beautiful.  Fr. Bazzel said a special Mass for the family and friends, then we all went out to lunch.  I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be around people, but it turned out to be exactly the thing I needed.  After lunch, Fr. Dean and I went to get dessert, then to the cemetery, which was really nice.  He and I shared memories and laughed about–just the way he was. 

Some of Michael’s students had gone to the cemetery that morning to “have coffee with Fr. L.”  They had poured coffee on his grave which was pretty funny.  He would have appreciated that.  Also, his nephew (who used to be this sweet little boy and is now in COLLEGE) and I talked about the time the 3 of us went to the planetarium and out to dinner like, a million years ago. 

The weird thing was that I think I was more sad on the 26th when I realized that it was the anniversary of the last time I saw him alive, the last time I spoke with him, the last time I gave him a hug.  I have to admit that when I got home the night of the 28th and it was quiet and I was alone, I had a good long cry.  But overall, I just really think that Michael was looking out for all of us that day. 

OK, so I’m adding this now 2 days later, and as it turns out, I’m pissy today too!  I’m not even sure why, but I started out that way, so rather than rant anymore, I’m going to go ahead and post.  My Days rants to Aimee have been funny as hell, in my humble opinion, but since she’s the only other person who is going to read this, there’s no need in posting them. 

3 Responses to “Wish you were here”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Other people read this, they are just lazy and don’t comment! That’s the breaks of having a lazy fan base, but you gotta love ’em because let’s face it we are too. Admit it, you read stuff everyday, but you just can’t be bothered to log in and reply. I know I do! So in the spirit of laziness and procrastination, I will be back after lunch to reply to the heavy stuff.

  2. Weezie Says:

    Really…like having a lazy fan base isn’t totally appropriate…speaking of procrastination, I am currently procrastinating at this very moment! One of these days I’m going to get these stories written…

  3. Rick Davies Says:

    Hi! Look what website I ran across while I was looking through old e-mails (in a 4/9/2002 e-mail from Carol)! Greetings, guys!

    Until later,